How a Professional Shipping Company Can Help the Restaurant Businesses

How a Professional Shipping Company Can Help the Restaurant Businesses

The restaurant industry is a bustling business and one that certainly has lots of moving parts. From cooking equipment to food shipments and dishware, there’s no shortage of items needed daily in a restaurant. But the coordination of the shipments for all of this? Now that’s a big task.

So restaurant supply delivery needs are nothing short of complicated, but with the right logistics, this is an entirely doable process. From providing services for complicated deliveries, like ovens, mixers, and coolers, as well as temperature-sensitive deliveries, Cowtown Express has experience with it all.

As experts in the freight shipping industry, we help restaurants avoid issues that can halt business, handling all the shipping operations to ensure the business continues running as it should.

For new and improving restaurants, we are breaking down all the ways a shipping company can help a restaurant business succeed. From commercial restaurant equipment to food deliveries, we are covering it all below.

Benefits of a Professional Trucking Company

There are a lot of benefits to relying on a professional trucking company for all your restaurant supply shipping. Not sure how we can help? Here’s how professional trucking companies can help improve your restaurant supply delivery.

  • We will handle all assessments of your shipment’s needs - whether it needs no-transfer, flatbed, or LTL, as well as other considerations.
  • In some cases, some restaurant door frames are not equipped with the right rigging to coordinate proper unloading. To avoid issues with deliveries, we will coordinate the proper equipment and assess the consignees' needs before the arrival date.
  • We will help ensure that deliveries are made on time so business is not impacted by the delivery routine.
  • Handle all post-assessments of the consignee’s equipment that’s delivered.
  • Coordinate all liftgate deliveries when it comes to oversized and overweight goods. This may include the coordination of forklifts that will need to be rented or installed.
  • Tracking of shipments to ensure they arrive on time and within the proper time frame.
  • Offer supplemental insurance when the usual liability limitations exceed the existing policy in place.
  • With years in the industry, we can tackle the delivery of just about any equipment transportation and delivery, no matter how complicated.
  • We are an affordable, budget-conscious company that wants you to save on shipping to focus more on your quality restaurant.

Common Types of Kitchen Equipment that We Haul

With so much different industry kitchen equipment, each delivery requires a different set of precautions and knowledge to ensure that everything arrives in perfect condition. Thankfully, at Cowtown Express, we know a great deal about the truck fleet and the successful transportation of goods, and when it comes to your commercial food services equipment, we can handle it all.

For more information on how we can help in your kitchen, here’s a list of the common equipment transportation needs we handle.

Cooking Equipment

equipment transportation

One of the most essential elements of a well-running kitchen is the cooking equipment. From grills and ranges to fryers, broilers, and ovens, every kitchen needs it all to produce delicious foods. However, each of these items comes in different styles and types, which makes for different shipping needs. With experience shipping chargrills, gas and electric grills, ventless ranges, fryers, and even pizza ovens, there’s no limit to the commercial restaurant equipment we can haul.


Your customers need a place to sit and enjoy your dishes, right? To help ensure your restaurant is well furnished, we will handle the delivery of all furniture. This includes large booths, tables, chairs, and even doors. This is quite a seamless delivery task for us, and we will make the best logistical choice for these shipments based on the size and weight of your furniture.

Kitchen Equipment

It’s not just what’s in the front of the restaurant that matters, but the furniture within the kitchen, too. From stainless steel tables to countertops and work tables, we can ship it all to ensure your kitchen is well built for a fast-running assembly line.

Typically, getting this equipment to your kitchen can cost a pretty penny, especially when you’re in need of a quick replacement for broken equipment. Thankfully, our team will handle this seamlessly, and affordably. From shipping one butcher block to an entire kitchen setup, we will provide a freight quote to give you an idea of just how much this will cost to get your industrial kitchen equipment in advance.

Refrigerating Equipment

Last, but most certainly not least, is the delivery of refrigerators and freezers. Every restaurant needs these items, and the commercial-grade versions of deep freezers and refrigerators are particularly large and heavy, making for a more cumbersome delivery.

Oftentimes, you will run into hefty equipment transportation costs with these goods, but Cowtown Express will work to save your money instead. Using our freight services, we can ship our large-scale freezers and refrigerators with ease, ensuring all your food remains fresh and in the perfect temperature conditions.


From dishware and booths for the front of the restaurant to large refrigerators, freezers, and work tables, Cowtown Express is here to seamlessly deliver all your commercial food services equipment. While this requires quite a bit of coordination, the right carrier will work diligently to create a seamless process. And with years of experience coordinating shipping logistics and carrying out the delivery, we can provide a vast array of restaurant logistics services for you.

To keep your restaurant running smoothly with all the necessary commercial restaurant equipment, get a quote online today, and begin partnering with our freight shipping company for all your supply delivery needs now.

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