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Dry Van Shippers: Reliable Box Truck Freight Shipping Services

Cost-effective, dependable, and flexible, our dry van shipping service provides the best freight transportation solutions for your full truckloads.

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Cowtown Express's domestic dry van transportation solutions conveniently protect cargo from damaging weather conditions and theft. Dry van freight transportation is designed to carry palletized, boxed, or loose freight. It offers versatility and safety during short and long hauls for many industries.

As one of the most reliable dry van trucking companies in the US, we have an extensive network of carriers to provide the capacity and flexibility required to ship your dry van commodities. Whether you're transporting a single truckload or require a dry van freight broker to handle your logistics chain, you can rely on our experts to optimize your supply chain. We ship direct to all 48 contiguous states, including Canada, on budget and on time.

Our Dry Van Shipping Services

Our extremely versatile dry van freight services overcome common logistical challenges in the trucking industry. At Cowtown Express trucking company, we'll develop a logistics plan that suits your shipping needs. We coordinate every dry van load with trusted, vetted carriers who adhere to industry-standard protocols. Maximizing loads and improving efficiency safely and securely remains our priority. Our services include:

Expedited Shipping

Experience fast and reliable dry van expedited shipping services for time-sensitive cargo that needs to reach its destination quickly and efficiently.

Refrigerated Freight Transportation

We provide dry van transportation solutions for refrigerated freight, ensuring the proper temperature control and safe delivery of your perishable goods.

Freight truck rides across sea and rail.

Exhibit & Trade Show

Trust our expertise in handling exhibit and trade show logistics, including dry van transportation services tailored to meet the unique requirements of your events.

FTL Freight Shipping

Rely on our comprehensive dry van full truckload shipping services to transport your large shipments efficiently and cost-effectively.

Over-the-Road Transportation Logistics

Count on our professional team to handle your dry van transportation needs for long-haul journeys, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of your goods.

Third-Party Logistics Services

Benefit from our extensive network and capabilities as a third-party logistics provider, offering efficient and customized dry van logistics solutions for your business.

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We Can Accommodate a Range of Dry Van Trailers for You

Dry vans work exceptionally well for transporting packaged consumer goods, electronics, furniture, parts, and machinery. They're designed to transport loose, boxed, or palletized freight. While they're not temperature-controlled, they do protect shipments from the outside elements and can be locked, reducing theft.

Cowtown Express's dry vans are regularly serviced and undergo stringent inspections to ensure they follow road safety standards. Our premium fleet has various dry van trailer dimensions, including 53' Air Ride Trailers, 28' Dry Van Trailers, and Straight Trucks. All are capable of accommodating different types of goods, but their sizes differ.

53' Air Ride Trailers

These trailers' air suspension provides a smoother ride. Both our standard and roll bed options transport up to 45,000 pounds, and their dimensions are 53' x 8' 6” x 8' 6” (length, width, height).

28' Dry Van Trailers

Measuring 28' x 8' x 9' (length, width, height), these trailers can carry 22,500 pounds and 14 standard pallet positions. They're ideal for transporting smaller cargo van loads.

Straight Trucks

Straight trucks, also called box trucks, often have a liftgate and are frequently used for city deliveries. Although box truck options are available in different sizes, the most common is 24' x 8' x 8'6” (length, width, height).

Common Cargo We Can Transport with Dry Vans

Our dry van carriers transport a variety of dry freight, robust, and fragile merchandise for many industries from pharmaceutical to retail, construction, agriculture, and more. Some of the goods we transport include:

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    Machine Tool Goods;

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    Food Products;

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    Food Products;

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    Electrical Wiring;

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    Easily Movable Machinery;

The Cowtown Express Advantage For Dry Van Trucking

Why Choose Cowtown Express For RGN Shipping

Working in the logistics arena for decades has consolidated our unparalleled customer service and expertise. Our team expertly handles every one of our clients' shipments with the utmost care.

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    Guaranteed capacity at competitive rates to accommodate seasonal surges;

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    Cutting-edge technology for full visibility and accurate reporting;

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    End-to-end logistic management of all dry van shipments to streamline supply chains;

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    Cross-border transportation to Canada;

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    Incomparable customer service and contract carrier support;

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Get Your One-Contact Solution for Any Dry Van Freight Needs

Cowtown Express offers flexible dry van trucking services to accommodate your shipping needs nationwide. Partner with us for guaranteed capacity, competitive rates, and excellent service for every haul.

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How much maximum weight can we put on a 53 feet cargo van?

A standard dry van's maximum weight capacity is 44,000 - 45,000 pounds. If your palettes are standard-sized (48’ x 40’ x 48), you can fit 26 non-stackable or 52 stackable. Unlike other vans, a dry van cannot accommodate oversized freight as it's enclosed.

In which states are we allowed to pool double 53 trailers?

Double trailers, each 40 to 53 feet long, are legal in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Montana, Dakota, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, and Utah. They're also legal in Indiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio, and New York, but only on toll roads.

Can you accommodate the dry van deliveries to multiple consignees on the lane?

Yes, our multi-stop option allows for multiple deliveries. The more stops included, the longer the hauling time. Even though we always strive to deliver freight as fast as possible, multi-stops do slow the process ever so slightly. This is important to keep in mind when dealing with urgent deadlines.

How much does dry van transportation cost?

The cost of dry van transportation depends on the size of the consignment, i.e., how many vans you need and the distance traveled. It’s best to contact us with your requirements so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.