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The Best Texas Trucking Company for You

Are you looking for a Texas freight company that offers reliable heavy equipment hauling services? Cowtown Express is the best trucking company Texas to offer! We can get your loads to, from, or across the Lone Star state. Count on our more than three decades of experience in moving your goods without hassle.

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Our commercial freight shipping services serve all the places that Texas shippers need to do business with, including the following convenient locations for you.

  • Arlington, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Corpus Cristi, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Laredo, TX
  • Plano, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
The Best Texas Trucking Company for You
The Best Texas Trucking Company for You

Texas is, of course, a huge state, and it takes many highways to serve everyone who lives here. Many of the shipping companies in Texas have to use the following interstates to get around:

  • I-2
  • I-10
  • I-14
  • I-20
  • I-27
  • I-30
  • I-35
  • I-37
  • I-40
  • I-44
  • I-45
  • I-49
  • I-69
  • I-69C
  • I-69E
  • I-69W
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Our Freight Trucking Fleet

We've got a huge fleet at our disposal and a brokerage network to back it up that can serve all sorts of freight shipping needs.

Main Commodities We Transport in Texas

You know we handle many kinds of commodities, but can you be sure we handle the kind you specifically have? Check out this list, or contact us to verify!

  • Texas Container Shipping: The most common kind
  • Texas RV and Motorhome Transport: For people moving to or from this state
  • Texas Oversize Load Hauling: When a normal truck just isn't enough
  • Texas Excavator Hauling: Many industries need this machine on-site
  • Texas Construction Equipment Transport: Economic growth means building new things
  • Texas Heavy Machinery Transport: Several industries use big tools to get work done
  • Texas Semi Truck Shipping: The flexible backbone of highway shipping
  • Texas Air Craft Hauling: The skies are huge in this state
  • Texas Bulldozer Shipping: To help get these machines between jobs
  • Texas Farm Equipment Transport: Agriculture is a huge sector in Texas
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What Our Clients Say About Our Texas Freight Shipping Services

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Man, was I in a bind last month. I am a sales person for a packaged food company and I had to receive about 150 cases of product, divvy it all up, and then ship it out to 70 different locations. I work from home and there was no way I was going to run this operation out of my 1 bedroom apartment. I was in a panic until I looked up some information and called Cowtown Express. They were so nice and agreed to receive the product, divide it up, and ship it out for me. Even though this kind of job is a little different than what they normally do, they were happy to figure out a way to get it done for me. Their labor costs were very reasonable and the whole thing got done with a lot less stress and hassle than I had expected.

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Bridget P.

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We have used Cowtown Express several times to move pallets between our warehouses in Dallas and Fort Worth. They have always delivered on-time and as expected. We are very pleased and wholeheartedly recommend their services.

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Darren F.

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Cowtown is a fantastic company in every angel. From the owners to the mechanics and everyone in between ! Our drivers put in 110% to the company and our customers and we get back every bit of that !! I'm very proud to work here ! If you're not using Cowtown're not getting the BEST !!!!

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Devin Wittu

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Great Company to work for. Good pay and great owners and management. One of the best trucking companies I've worked for in my 20 + years of driving

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Jason Reddick

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Honest trucking company that is fair and pleasant to run for

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Marc Pilkenton

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Love working here very family oriented company !! 5 stars

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The Costs of Freight Shipping in Texas

A freight shipping quote for Texas is a great place to start planning any freight shipping near me you intend to do. Texas freight shipping rates are contingent upon many factors that Texas shipping companies have to deal with, ranging from long distances to inclement weather and the heavy traffic that any shipping company in Texas features has to put up with. Contact us for your freight quote.

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Busiest Transportation Hubs We Serve in Texas

Busiest Transportation Hubs We Serve in Texas

Freight shipping in Texas isn't all about trucking. We also connect to airports and waterways.

The airports we serve include multiple locations across the state. Several cities are big enough for two airports, with one being international and the other domestic. Those cities are:

  • Dallas
  • Houston

Other cities that each have an international airport include:

  • Amarillo
  • Austin
  • Harlingen
  • El Paso
  • Lubbock
  • McAllen
  • Midland
  • San Antonio

Texas handles more exports than most states, and that includes shipping via waterways:

  • Gulf Waterway: Shipping here happens through the ports of Houston and Port Arthur.
  • Galveston Bay: The ports of Texas City and Galveston handle Gulf of Mexico traffic.
  • Corpus Christi Bay: The city of the same name is another Gulf of Mexico port.
  • Rio Grande River: The port of Brownsville serves as a focal point for commerce.
  • Inland Ports: Bay City is an inland port situated on the Colorado River, while the Sabine River has an inland port of Orange. The ports of Atreco and Beaumont are inland on the Neches River.

On top of all this, we also partner with many miles of the railway going in many directions across the Lone Star State.

Busiest Transportation Hubs We Serve in Texas

We Go Every Direction Out of Texas

If you're looking for machinery haulers or equipment haulers in Texas, then you might just need shipping inside the state of Texas. However, we can also pick loads up anywhere in the state and take them to any of the other 47 continental United States

We personalize each delivery quote

From single FTL shipments to cross-country expedited freight, Cowtown Express has the quick and safe transportation solutions you need.

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    Trucking freight quotes provided in real-time

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    Shipping to all 48 continental states in the US, including Canada

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    Competitive freight rates coupled with high-quality service

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    Access to our fleet and carried network, providing hundreds of flatbed freight trucks for loads of all shapes and sizes

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    Specialized teams to oversee heavy haul freight and oversized loads

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    Experts dedicated to load tracking and customs clearance

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Do you still have questions about freight shipping in Texas? We've got answers to many queries others have had about using a Texas transport company.

What trucking rules and regulations exist in Texas?

Wondering what heavy equipment hauling companies have to follow in terms of the rules? TX trucking companies have to do their trucking within 30 minutes of dawn and dusk if their shipment is more than 100' in total length or 10' in overall width. Texas freight shipping longer than 110' needs a rear pilot car, and anything more than 125' needs pilot cars front and rear. 

Overweight loads that aren't oversize for shipping companies in TX can travel at night with proper illumination. Permits are required for anything over 80,000 pounds. Maximum trailer dimensions are 65' in length, 8'6" in width, and 14' in height.

What are the most popular industries in Texas?

If you're wondering what Texas freight trucking companies are doing their hauling for, then you should know that four sectors, in particular, are using Texas trucking companies more than anyone else. A lot of shipping to and from Texas involves the oil and gas sector, as fossil fuels are a huge business across the Lone Star State. 

Shipping companies in Texas also do a lot of work for renewable energy, too, since solar and wind power are both growing rapidly in the state. No Texas shipping company would be smart to ignore the local high-tech manufacturing sector. As always, agriculture keeps many trucking companies in Texas quite busy.

Does Cowtown Express provide Texas trucking drivers jobs?

Looking for a career with freight transportation companies? We're hiring for many positions involved in Texas shipping. If working for one of the many trucking companies in Texas is a possibility that excites you, then please check out what we have to offer you in terms of professional possibilities.