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Restaurant Equipment Shipping and Moving Services

If you need a company to safely handle moving commercial kitchen equipment, look to our team at Cowtown Express’s high-quality service for all your restaurant equipment transportation needs.

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Restaurant equipment tends to be particularly large and heavy, with massive fridges, work tables, and other machinery used to help make a restaurant run smoothly. With this large equipment comes a special need for restaurant moving companies to help with food service logistics and delivery, and Cowtown Express is just the expert restaurant equipment movers for the job.

Based locally in the Dallas Fort Worth area, our restaurant moving services operate in 48 contiguous states and Canada to handle your restaurant equipment transportation.

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Restaurant Equipment Moving Capabilities

When it comes to reliable restaurant equipment shippers, Cowtown Express is the go-to company to handle your next shipment. With years of experience assisting restaurants with all their foodservice equipment deliveries and logistics, our shippers for restaurants have transported different equipment, including:

Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment includes everything from ranges and grills to fryers, broilers, and ovens. This type of equipment comes in an array of types and styles, requiring different needs and specifications for shipping, which our team knows how to handle with ease.



There is a lot of different furniture involved in running a successful restaurant. From booths and tables to kitchen doors, the size and weight of furniture most commonly require freight shipping. We will handle shipping restaurant equipment, including furniture, with cost-effective and fast solutions.

Work Tables

Work Tables

Work tables are a must for any successful kitchen and are something Cowtown Express includes in our restaurant equipment delivery services. We have shipped everything from stainless steel tables, to work tables and countertops to restaurant locations. Plus, we offer cost-effective shipping, even for those heavy countertops.

Deep Freezers and Refrigerators

Deep Freezers and Refrigerators

Every restaurant needs a refrigerator and freezer, and the commercial-grade versions are especially large and heavy. To help you save money on your freezer and refrigerator delivery, our team at Cowtown Express will utilize our expert freight services to deliver this essential equipment to you in no time.

Benefits of a Professional Trucking Company

There are a lot of benefits to relying on a professional trucking company for all your restaurant supply shipping. Not sure how we can help? Here’s how professional trucking companies can help improve your restaurant supply delivery.

  • We will handle all assessments of your shipment’s needs - whether it needs no-transfer, flatbed, or LTL, as well as other considerations.
  • In some cases, some restaurant door frames are not equipped with the right rigging to coordinate proper unloading. To avoid issues with deliveries, we will coordinate the proper equipment and assess the consignees' needs before the arrival date.
  • We will help ensure that deliveries are made on time so business is not impacted by the delivery routine.
  • Handle all post-assessments of the consignee’s equipment that’s delivered.
  • Coordinate all liftgate deliveries when it comes to oversized and overweight goods. This may include the coordination of forklifts that will need to be rented or installed.
  • Tracking of shipments to ensure they arrive on time and within the proper time frame.
  • Offer supplemental insurance when the usual liability limitations exceed the existing policy in place.
  • With years in the industry, we can tackle the delivery of just about any equipment transportation and delivery, no matter how complicated.
  • We are an affordable, budget-conscious company that wants you to save on shipping to focus more on your quality restaurant.

Our Professional Restaurant Equipment Delivery Services

At Cowtown Express, we are committed to offering customized restaurant supply shipping to best suit your needs when you need to purchase new restaurant equipment or relocate your restaurant entirely. Our services include:


Coordinating your restaurant supply shipping can be a full-time job in itself, but our team can take that off your hands, too. Our foodservice logistics services run incredibly smoothly based on years of experience to help your restaurant continue serving without a hitch.

Freight Shipping

When transporting restaurant equipment with Cowtown Express, you can expect a comprehensive service from our team. We will customize moving plans to fit your budget, timeline, and needs, while additionally helping to handle and pack, as well as with disassembly and assembly, all with careful and secure transportation solutions.

Why Choose Cowtown Express for Shipping Restaurant Equipment?

When searching for restaurant equipment movers near me in the Dallas area, you’ve surely come across Cowtown Express - and for good reason. Our team of restaurant equipment movers is incredibly skilled at moving this large, heavy, and crucial kitchen equipment with ease. You can count on us to:

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Fair Prices

Moving heavy equipment can certainly be a costly affair. Thankfully, our team works with you to offer competitive prices and avoid unexpected costs for restaurant equipment transportation that remains within the budget.

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Personalized Moving Plan

We understand that every restaurant has different restaurant equipment delivery needs, so our team will take the time to create a custom plan for you. This way, we can minimize any disruption or downtime to keep your restaurant running as planned.

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Keep Your Equipment Safe

Our team is committed to offering a safe and secure moving service for all your kitchen equipment. From loading everything to making the final delivery, we will protect your restaurant equipment every step of the way.

Contact Restaurant Equipment Movers Near You Today!

If you’re ready to ship your foodservice equipment, our team at Cowtown Express is happy to provide a free quote to help get the process started. If you have any additional questions about our restaurant moving services, call us at 817-590-8686.

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How far in advance should I start planning my restaurant location?

Our team at Cowtown Express is happy to help with both urgent and future foodservice logistics and relocations. However, to further alleviate your stress and ensure a smooth process, we recommend reaching out to us as soon as you know your timeline for the move so we can work with you to create a plan. To begin, call us at 817-590-8686.

How much time does it take to move a restaurant?

Great question! The amount of time it takes to move a restaurant depends on how much equipment we are moving. This will vary from business to business, but no matter the quantity, our team will work diligently to meet your needs and set a timeline for a fast, smooth move.

How much does it cost to ship a refrigerator or other restaurant supplies?

Finding the answer to “how much does it cost to ship a refrigerator?” will depend largely on how far you’re looking to ship the equipment. The closer the location, the lower the price. That being said, Cowtown Express is proud to offer budget-friendly services and will work with you to find the best price. For an idea of how much your shipment will cost, get a free quote online now.