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Food and Beverage Shipping & Logistics

When you need food and beverage shipping handled, there are plenty of food freight companies you can choose from. Whether you need cross-country food delivery or are shipping fresh food that needs to stay that way, we're the food shipping service you can count on for all your needs.

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Food and beverage logistics need to be handled by food delivery truck companies with high-caliber service and the ability to meet delivery deadlines. If food shipments don't happen in line with both of these criteria, things go to waste. Reefer trailers are the frequent answer of food shipping companies to keep freight from spoiling by maintaining the right temperature. A lot of food shipping also happens without temperature control.

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Types of Food Shipping Services We Provide

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Different kinds of food need different kinds of trucking, and we offer it all to our clients who have diverse needs:

  • Refrigerated Food Freight Shipping: Temperature control is a must for many foods.
  • Raw Food Shipping: Cleanliness, safety, and regulatory adherence are all things we can do.
  • Packaged Liquids Transportation: Preventing spills and imbalanced loads requires a steady hand.
  • Dry Goods Shipping: These foods need proper packaging and a steady temperature environment.

Our Beverage and Food Shipping Solutions

Food and beverage shipping can involve many different solutions, which is why we offer more than one:

Refrigerated Food Shipping

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Temperature control is a must for many foods and beverages.

Dry Vans

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These are full truckloads at affordable rates.

Sprinter Vans

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Time-sensitive loads can happen in an efficient manner with these vehicles.

Expedited Trucking

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When you have an urgent deadline, expedited shipping can happen.


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We have warehouse solutions for storage needs.

Truckload Shipping

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This is the mainstay of keeping supply chains rolling.

Why Is Cowtown Express the Best Food Shipping Company for You?

Want a good reason why Cowtown Express is the best choice for your food shipping? We've actually got several.

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Fully Certified

Shipping food and beverage loads can mean lots of rules, regulations, and permits. We're ready to roll.

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On-Time Delivery

Perishable or not, you need your food shipments to get to their destinations on schedule.

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Reasonable Prices

Profit margins and operating budgets are always under strain, but we can help.

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Excellent Customer Service

We don't just haul physical goods. We take care of the people moving them.

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Customized Solutions

Got shipping problems? We've got answers!

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Years of Experience

We've been at this for decades, and that can help you.

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Food shipping questions are pretty common. Here are some food shipment concerns you might have plus their answers:

What does the food and beverage shipping cost?

Food and beverage trucking companies base their prices on some different factors. In the United States, there are three primary factors involved with pricing food and beverage logistics.

The first is how much food you're shipping. Freight typically starts at a minimum of 150 lbs. LTL trucking services are likely to factor in both volume and weight.

The kind of food you ship also matters. Frozen and fresh foods usually cost more than dry goods. That's because of the extra logistics involved.

The distance you need your food shipped is the final factor. Local runs are cheaper than long-distance freight, especially as longer journeys might get logistically complex with multiple carriers involved.

How to pack food for shipping?

If your food needs refrigeration, then make sure that's arranged. In all cases, make sure that your food is sealed really well. Second, pack the food in sturdy containers. Perishable food will need insulation, proper labeling, and possibly double-packaging.