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Steel, Copper, and Other Metal Rods Freight Shipping

Cowtown Express makes shipping metal rods easy and affordable. Look no further for efficient and high-value services.

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Outbound Transportation & Logistics Services
Outbound Transportation & Logistics Services

Types of Metal Poles We Usually Transport

Cowtown Express offers LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping for rods 12 feet or shorter and FTL (full-truckload) transportation for larger loads. Whichever type you need, we can handle it. The types of metal rods we transport include, but aren’t limited to:

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    Copper alloys

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    Stainless steel

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Our Metal Rods Trucking Solutions

We offer a range of customizable solutions to streamline supply chains when shipping steel rods and other metals. Whether you need a flatbed, RGN, or step deck, we can help.

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Our removable gooseneck trailers span 29 feet across and can transport loads up to 12 feet tall, which is ideal for shipping steel and other metal rods.


FTL Freight Shipping

FTL freight shipping is the most economical choice if you have enough freight to fill up a trailer. It offers quick transit times and minimal freight handling.

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Oversized Freight Hauling

Trust our shipping experts to provide carriers, negotiate the price, get permits, and provide freight management and expert consulting for your oversized metal pipes.

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Step Deck

Out step-deck trailers are the silver bullet for shipping metal poles. You can transport higher loads without applying for additional permits, saving time and money.

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How is steel shipped? Flatbeds don’t have physical walls allowing cranes and forklifts to load metal pipes from all angles. Ours come in all shapes and sizes, with maximum load capacities.

Benefits of Our Steel & Copper Freight Shipping Company

A highly skilled workforce, extensive infrastructure throughout the United States, unrivaled logistics management expertise, and cutting-edge IT systems enable us to deliver value-driven solutions tailored to the requirements of our clients.

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Large Carrier Network

Cowtown Express can handle your steel and metal freight, whether it's small steel rods on a dry van or copper shipping with a flatbed. We have the expertise and the fleet.

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Fully Certified

Our drivers are certified with CBSA and ASFC, C-TPAT, CSA, FAST, PIP, ACE, ACI, HAZMAT, and SmartWay. Rest assured, our team is fully certified to meet industry standards.

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We strive to meet our client’s deadlines and deliver what others cannot. Cowtown Express offers exceptional customer service and works with transportation authorities to get freight to its final destination on time.

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Our advanced transportation management system makes shipping metal a smooth and straightforward process. We’re ready to provide you with logistics solutions.

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Metal Freight Shipping FAQ

What is the freight class (NFMC) for metal?

The freight class for metal is 36265. However, NMFC numbers often have subclasses based on the density of the shipment, for example:

  • Aluminum rods: 13640
  • Iron or steel cables: 39510
  • Cast pipe (iron or steel): 51200

How to prepare small metal rods for transportation?

When shipping metal poles, you’ll likely want them packaged in a crate or heavy-duty bulk box that can be attached to a pallet. Depending on your class of steel and for heavy loads, palletizing your rods on oversized pallets is the best option.

  • Bundle: Combining two or more items into a single bundle ensures containment and increases the integrity of the pile, reducing loss and damage.
  • Block: Keep shipments from jostling by bracing them with wood fastened to the pallet. This prevents pieces from swinging.
  • Secure: Ensure strapping is out of the way of forklift blades when strapping bundles to the pallet.