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Step Deck, Drop Deck Trailer Trucking Service

Are your loads too tall for a flatbed trailer? Our expert step-deck trucking services ensure your freight is delivered safely, securely, and on time.

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The use of step deck trailers allows for loads to be up to 10’ without having to apply for over height permits. As one of the leading step deck trucking companies, we offer a variety of step deck transportation services to ship long, oversized and wide loads safely across all 48 states, including Canada.

At Cowtown Express, we have a strong safety culture, adhering to DOT standards and industry protocols to ensure all cargo is secure and delivered on time. If your freight exceeds the maximum height allowed by a flatbed trailer, then our drop deck trailers will provide the perfect solution. Our logistics team will help you find the right drop deck carriers to transport your freight as quickly as possible.

​Drop-Deck Trailer Types Available

Our skilled drivers have experience transporting all types of trailers from extendable to single drop. The maximum dimensions for all four step decks are 10’ 6” tall and 8’ 6” wide.

Standard Step Deck Trailer (drop deck)

45,000 lbs. Bottom deck length: 37’ - 43’.

Extendable Open Deck trailer

45,000 lbs. Bottom length: 38’ - 61’.

3 Axle Step Deck Trailer

65,000 lbs. Bottom length: 37’ - 65’.

3 Axle Extendable Step Deck Trailer

65,000 lbs. Bottom length 38’-68’.

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Benefits Of Step-Deck Trucking

Step decks are similar to flatbeds but with added advantages:

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    Height permits: Transport higher loads without applying for additional permits.

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    Easier for forklifts: They’re lower to the ground, so forklifts can load/unload easier, making the process safer for cargo.

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    Increased safety: They are equipped with tarps, straps, and dunnage for the easy-shifting of heavy machinery and cargo when loading/unloading.

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    Equipment diversity: Larger cargo is easier to transport.

Common Freight For Step Deck Hauling

We’ll get your freight where it needs to be, no matter the weight or size. At Cowtown Express, we possess the expertise and solutions to ship to all 48 contiguous states, including over the Canadian border. Our drop deck heavy haul services include shipping these common freights:

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    Compressor skids

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    High-pressure storage tanks

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    Forging machinery

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    Boom lifts

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    Drilling rigs

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    Oil, gas, and petrochemical equipment

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    High-pressure vessels and storage tanks

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    Building materials and construction site supplies

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At Cowtown Express, we provide our customers with efficient, reliable, and affordable step-deck trucking services to keep supply chains running smoothly. No matter how tall your load, our premium fleet, with various trucking options, will take your company to new heights.

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How much weight can a 53-step deck haul?

Step decks are designed for heavy-haul freight carrying over long distances. They accommodate heavy cargo hauls with different weights from pipes to lumber, hefty industrial equipment, and more. The maximum legal weight of a 53-step deck haul is 48,000 lbs.

How high can you load a step-deck trailer?

Step-deck trailers have a lower deck height of 3 feet and 6 inches, so freight can be up to 10 feet in height. Typically, they have an 11-foot-long upper deck and a 37-foot-long lower deck, totaling a maximum general length of 48 feet.

Do we need to obtain permits for over-dimensional step deck trucking?

Maximum legal dimensions vary from state to state. Any vehicle and load exceeding one or more legal dimensions need a permit that defines the weight, nature of the load, origin, and destination. At Cowtown Express, we take care of the permits and paperwork for you.

How much does it cost to transport loads on a drop-deck truck?

The cost to transport loads on a drop-deck truck depends on the number of trucks required, the freight, and the distance traveled. Once we understand your needs, we can provide an accurate quote.