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Sprinter Van Expedited Freight Delivery Service

Need a sprinter van shipping service? Our fast and efficient sprinter van carriers are perfect for your expedited loads.

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As leading sprinter van freight brokers, we deliver superior service and fast over-the-road freight transportation when you need it most. Expedited sprinter vans provided by Cowtown Express are the best options for local delivery in Dallas-Fort Worth, nationwide, and cross-border to Canada.

Sprinter vans offer a variety of different cargo capacities and capabilities that can easily get to places out of reach of other flatbed trailers and box trucks. In addition, our seamless logistics management provides full freight tracking visibility to ensure rapid delivery for time-sensitive loads.

When Sprinter Van Transportation Is An Ideal Solution For You

Ideal for transporting expedited freight requiring a larger capacity than regular vans but not as much as a flatted truck,

Sprinter van shipping

provides approximately 120-200 cubic feet of space and can typically transport 48 x 48 skids or pallets weighing a total of  4,000 - 5,000 pounds, including crew.

Sprint van transportation

is fuel-effective and offers great mobility on the roads, making it easy to move from one place to another as efficiently as possible. Because their roof spans are higher than cargo vans, slightly taller items can be stacked for effective transportation. Most sprinter vans also come with interior customization options, offering multiple cargo packing possibilities. 

Why Choose Cowtown Express For Sprinter Van Freight Deliveries?

Why Choose Cowtown Express For RGN Shipping

At Cowtown Express, our team pro-actively selects routes with the least challenges, whether it’s weather or traffic, to ensure minimal delay. We provide comprehensive tracking for full visibility and are always ready to help 24.7.

All our partners are vetted to ensure they have a track record of swift delivery while still adhering to industry-standard healthy and safety protocols outlined by the Department of Transport and Public Works. Fragile, high-risk, and time-sensitive shipments require the expert help that we provide.

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Address Your Time-Sensitive Loads To Our Reliable Logistics Company

Our trusted sprinter van logistics service will get your freight delivered according to the deadline. We assess requirements and coordinate details, taking care of everything so that you can relax.

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How much freight can a sprinter van hold?

On average, between 4,000 to 5,000 pounds, depending on the manufacturer. For instance, A Mercedez-Benz Sprinter van can carry a weight of up to 5,000 pounds, including passengers, cargo, worker cargo, and crew vans, whereas a Chevrolet Express van holds up to 4,354 pounds.

What are the typical freight rates for sprinter van shipments?

Sprinter van transportation rates are calculated according to; commodity size and weight, time of year, fuel surcharge, and the transport distance from the origin to the final delivery destination. If you contact us with your requirements, we can provide you with a quote.

Can you provide the liftgate option with Sprinters?

Not all vans come with liftgates, but Cowtown Express can provide a liftgate option with your Sprinter van if your particular freight requires it to make loading and unloading cargo easier. Please note that liftgates are supplied at an additional charge.