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Versatile Flatbed Trucking Services

Our expert team provides turnkey solutions for your flatbed deliveries. Get flatbed trailer capacity and access to vetted flatbed carriers for all your heavy hauls.

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flatbed shipping solutions
flatbed shipping services

Industry-Leading Flatbed Transportation Solutions

Cowtown Express has over three decades of long-haul flatbed trucking expertise. Our highly trained drivers, committed logistics team, and flatbed shipping experts offer a single point of contact to streamline communication and provide dedicated support from pick-up to delivery and everything in between.

We'll match your overweight and over-dimensional load with the appropriate flatbed trailer. All of Cowtown Express's carriers are pre-qualified and we carefully evaluate their safety ratings and driving certifications. As a fully insured and bonded company, our team and partners adhere to regional and national protocols set out by law to uphold industry standards.

Our team will organize proper permitting to get your shipments of all shapes and sizes over the border. Our flatbed freight service coordinates all the details from securing trucks, trans-loading, and planning efficient routes that reduce miles. Our flatbed trucking & logistics services include technology that allows you to monitor your load and shipment status 24/7. At Cowtown Express, we coordinate every detail and adopt every precaution to provide high-quality, invaluable solutions with impeccable service.

Our Types of Flatbed Trailers

Our truckload freight carriers offer specialized solutions for oversized freight and heavy hauls. Through our fleet and large carrier network, we have access to an extensive range of equipment. Our diverse trailer fleets include flatbeds, step decks, dry vans, removable goosenecks, hotshot tractor-trailers, conestogas, and straight trucks to accommodate your freight.

Step Deck or Drop Deck

Step Deck or Drop Deck

These low-profile step deck trailers generally have an 11-foot-long upper deck and a 37-foot-long lower deck. They are designed to transport cargo that exceeds legal height limits.

Double Drop/Lowboys

Double Drop/Lowboys

29 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 18-inch deck, lowboys are built to haul heavy machinery like bulldozers, excavated, and backhoe loaders.

Removable Gooseneck (RGN)

Removable Gooseneck (RGN)

The front of these trailers detaches so motorized equipment can be driven onto them. They support freight up to 150,000 pounds.

Hotshot Flatbed

Hotshot Flatbed

These flatbeds are a maximum of 40 feet long, 102 feet wide, and 3’4’’ feet high and are generally used to transport smaller loads.

Extendable Flatbed

Extendable Flatbed

The maximum flatbed stretch is 80 feet long and 8.5 feet high. These flatbeds are used to transport pipes and large wind blades.



These trailers are designed with a tarp system and hydraulic lid that close the cargo in from all sides, giving them the nickname "rolling boxes."

Side Kit

Sidekit Flatbeds Trailers

These trailers feature sliding walls or sidekits on either side, allowing them to expand or shrink their interior size to fit different kinds of cargo.



With increased axle power, these trailers can carry more than 200,000 lbs. They are used to transport multiple vehicles and heavy-duty construction equipment.

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Our Flatbed Trucks Can Haul Any Type of Large Freight Shipments

Our sturdy flatbed trailers are commonly used to transport a variety of commodities requiring bulk shipping or heavy machinery that needs robust over-the-road transportation. If your hefty consignment doesn't fit our standard-sized flatbeds, we can arrange specialized equipment for your shipping needs. Below are some large freight shipments and flatbed equipment we regularly haul:

Agricultural Equipment

Flatbed trucks are commonly used to haul various kinds of agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines, and other farm machinery.

Transportation Vehicles and Aircraft Parts

Flatbed trucks are the ideal choice for hauling large transportation vehicles like buses and RVs, as well as bulky parts such as airplane wings and turbine blades.

Mining Equipment

Heavy-duty flatbed trucks can handle the weight and size demands of industrial mining equipment and materials, such as bulldozers and earth movers.

Construction Equipment

The bed of a flatbed truck can easily accommodate cranes, forklifts, backhoes, excavators, and other oversized construction machinery.

Energy-Generating Equipment

From solar panels to wind turbines, flatbeds are an ideal choice for transporting all types of energy-generating components from one place to another.

Manufacturing Material and Products

Flatbeds are often used to move goods from one manufacturing facility or warehouse to another; they provide a safe mode of transport for fragile items like electronics and glassware too.

Related Services

Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking

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We provide superior heavy haul services for all oversize, overweight, and superload flatbed shipments.

LTL Freight Shipping

LTL Freight Shipping

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Consolidate logistics solutions and reduce costs with our efficient less-than-truckload flatbed freight shipping.


Expedited Shipping

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Our expert logisticians and flatbed truck drivers will deliver your freight fast throughout North America, from East Coast to West Coast.

Why Choose Our Flatbed Trucking Company

Why Choose Our Flatbed Trucking Company

Combat fluctuating markets and reduce capital expenditure. When you partner with us, you add our premium fleet to your transportation infrastructure without paying the overheads. This is why our customers place us among the top flatbed trucking companies.

Streamline your logistics with a single phone call. Working together with our logistics team allows you to cover surge charges and make strategic decisions based on the market, shipping rates, and your long-term business goals.

Our certified flatbed carriers transport heavy hauls, over-dimension, and cumbersome loads with ease. We offer load-to-ride and partial-load transportation too. Cowtown Express's logistics team will obtain and organize relevant permits, plan efficient routes, and book carriers, so you don't have to do the admin.

We provide industry-specific expertise and comprehend freight shipping nuances. From transporting raw materials to finished goods, we have the solutions to your open-deck shipping challenges!

Need a Local Flatbed Delivery in Texas? We Offer the Best Flatbed Transportation

We began as a local flatbed trucking company delivering freight three decades ago. Now, as a flatbed freight shipping industry leader we offer same-day and next-day delivery with our extensive fleet of flatbed trailers and dry vans (including lift gates when needed) throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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What is the going rate for flatbed freight?

The going rate for flatbed freight is highly volatile, and there is not even a baseline rate that it could stem from. The factors that influence the flatbed freight rate are:

  • # of miles,
  • The cities freights are coming from and going to, whether or not those cities have a lot of freight coming in and out of them,
  • Gas prices,
  • Supply and demand for trucks,
  • The size, weight, commodity, and dimensions of what is being hauled.  

These are the main factors, but there are also many variables on top of those, such as the day of the week, how long it will take to load/unload the freight, or whether there are multiple stops or just one. It's better to speak with a professional who can get the details and provide your flatbed freight quote.

What is the purpose of flatbed trucks?

A flatbed truck is a large vehicle with a flat body and no sides or roof around the bed. Flatbed trucks are highly versatile. Typically, used to transport heavy loads that won't be compromised in bad weather or on rough roads. They can handle freight that is uniquely shaped and cannot fit inside an enclosed body.

In addition, flatbed trucks allow greater flexibility in loading freight by having the ability to load from both sides and the back.

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