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Hot Shot Trucking & Freight Shipping Services

For shipments in need of time-sensitive delivery, hot shot freight companies offer the greatest benefits for your schedule's needs. Offering premier hotshot trucking services, rely on Cowtown Express for your next shipment.

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When you need your cargo to arrive at a location as quickly as possible, hot shot trucking is the most reliable choice. Hot shot trucks are wonderful for the transportation of goods of all sorts, including equipment and machinery. However, unlike larger trucks, a hotshot truck typically carries lighter loads and prioritizes fast delivery. With this smaller load, hot shot transportation is often relied upon for the delivery of smaller materials, like furniture, appliances, or small vehicles like motorcycles.

With Cowtown Express operating in 48 contiguous states and Canada, trust us for your hotshot transport services.

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Our Fast and Reliable Hot Shot Shipping Services

Fast and Reliable Hot Shot Shipping Services

As a local hot shot company in the Dallas area, we provide the safe transportation of time-sensitive loads with special care and fine-tuned logistics. To assist with all your hot shot hauling needs, our expert team will handle everything from warehouse operations to logistical on-demand services, and scheduled, timely delivery. 

Our hot shot transportation services include:

  • A selection of large fleets including vans, trucks, and trailers ready to head to your destination at any moment
  • 24-hour availability for transparency and convenience
  • Same-day and next-day delivery choices
  • Professional and experienced hotshot drivers
  • Tracking of your shipment for visibility
  • Handling both small and large hotshot delivery
  • Delivery to locations within the 48 contiguous states, plus Canada

Hot Shot Trucks Types

There's a reason Cowtown Express is the go-to provider out of all the hotshot trucking companies. To best serve our customers, we incorporate a variety of different vehicles, from lowboys to bumper pull trailers, to customize our hot shot shipping methods to best suit your cargo. With the use of different trucks and trailers, we can ensure the fastest and safest delivery of your goods. Our hotshot transport methods utilize:


Flatbeds are open trailers with a flat platform and no sides or roof. They're ideal for transporting large or heavy cargo that cannot fit inside a closed container. Flatbeds are commonly used for construction materials, machinery, and oversized equipment.

Step Deck

Step decks, also known as drop decks, have a lower deck height than flatbeds, which allows for taller cargo to be transported without violating height regulations. Step deck hot shot truck is ideal for carrying freight that's too tall for a standard flatbed but doesn't require a full-height trailer.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are smaller vehicles that are ideal for transporting small and urgent shipments. They're commonly used for local deliveries and can quickly and easily navigate through traffic and tight spaces.

Sprinter Vans

Sprinter vans are larger than pickup trucks but smaller than straight trucks. They're ideal for transporting small to medium-sized shipments over short to medium distances. Sprinter vans are commonly used for courier services, e-commerce deliveries, and expedited shipments.

Removable Gooseneck Trailers

Removable gooseneck trailers (RGN) have a detachable front section that allows for heavy equipment and oversized loads to be driven onto the trailer. RGN trailers are ideal for transporting heavy equipment and machinery including bulldozers, cranes, and excavators.

Dry Van

Dry vans are enclosed trailers that provide protection from the elements and security for cargo. They're ideal for transporting goods that need to be kept dry, such as electronics, consumer goods, and non-perishable food items.

Types of Hotshot Freights We Deliver

Time-sensitive trucking is utilized for the transportation of many different goods. Getting cargo from one place to the next quickly and safely requires special care, and our hotshot logistics at Cowtown Express are carefully coordinated to ensure the timely arrival of your materials.

Our hot shot trucking services have delivered goods for industries including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Fire and rescue
  • Construction equipment
  • Retail
  • Oilfield and gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Power generation
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical
  • Petrochemical

Why Choose Cowtown Express Hot Shot Truckers for Delivery and Logistics?

As the leading hotshot carrier, our team at Cowtown Express is a reliable choice for the seamless and speedy delivery of goods. Our hot shot haulers offer premium service and expertise, handling your shipments with the utmost care.

With Cowtown Express, you can always count on our hot shot trucking. Our services promise:

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    Services that are faster than average truck shipping for expedited deliveries

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    Door-to-door delivery of smaller loads

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    Modern technology to provide visibility and reporting

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    Special attention to customer service and support

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    Competitive hotshot trucking rates to suit your budget

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    Cross-border hotshot transport to Canada

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    Secure and efficient transportation

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    Experienced hot shot truck drivers

Contact a Hot Shot Trucking Company Near You Today

You can finally stop searching “hot shot companies near me” - Cowtown Express is the partner for the hot shot trucking job. For competitive hotshot hauling rates and the safe transport of hotshot freight, contact our team at 817-590-8686 today.

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What factors affect hotshot trucking rates?

Hotshot hauling rates depend on different factors, including how tight the deadline is on your delivery, the size and weight of the goods being transported, and the distance they are traveling. At Cowtown Express, we offer a free quote to help you get an idea of the costs in advance. For more, fill out our form online today.

How do hotshot deliveries work?

Hot shot loads hauling is designed to offer the safe and secure delivery of goods that have a time-sensitive delivery date in mind. With the use of specialized trailers, routes, packing methods, and loading and unloading tactics, we ensure your time-sensitive shipments arrive quickly and in their best condition.

What regulations should hot shot drivers and carriers meet?

Every hot shot driver at Cowtown Express has a commercial driver's license and is well experienced in hot shot trucking jobs. We handle all the necessary hot shot logistics and will ensure your shipments meet all the required regulations to ensure timely delivery. In doing so, we will ask that you assist with filling out all necessary paperwork and fill you in on the federal and local requirements while maintaining proper safety measures, too.