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Freight Shipping Solutions For All Your Business Needs

We are the turnkey solution for all your nationwide freight shipping and commercial delivery needs.

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Cowtown Express’s ground transportation solutions make heavy haul shipping by freight easy. Our expert freight shipping logistics consultants and brokers take care of everything from offering freight classes to securing the right shipping for your cargo, whether it's a one-time delivery or ongoing service.

We provide streamlined freight shipping solutions to a large variety of small and large businesses in many industries, including manufacturing, retail pharmaceuticals, and production. Our logistics specialists serve as a single point of contact throughout the process, ensuring the safe delivery of your valuable freight. As U.S. freight shipping experts, we’d love to be your long-distance shipping partner.

Freight Services We Offer

Freight truck rides across sea and rail.

Truckload Shipping

Do you need to transport a full truckload of freight? Whether it’s short or long-haul, our experts will arrange a suitable tractor-trailer to get your time-sensitive freight to wherever it needs to be. Our premium fleet is ready to transport your large freight loads across the nation.

Heavy haul trucking.

Heavy Haul Trucking

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We’re equipped with the resources to transport all your overweight shipments, including heavy equipment and cumbersome machinery. Whether expedited or standard shipping, our professional logistics team will facilitate appropriate and safe routing, obtain suitable permits, and provide streamlining guidance. We’ll always supply you with specialized transport that's reliable, efficient, and safe.

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Oversized Transport

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Our flatbed trailers and open-deck trucks carry both legal and over-dimensional loads. As full-service flatbed step deck and RGN carrier experts, our over-dimensional department will ensure the secure delivery of your freight load when it exceeds defined limitations. We guarantee your freight is transported along the safest routes with appropriate permits by the most qualified drivers.

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Expedited Delivery

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We’re exceptional at expedited delivery to anywhere in the US, including Canada. With us, you don’t need to worry about the load or the time as we’ll deliver according to your specific schedule requirements. Our 24/7 customer support is available to assist you at all times, while our drivers will get your hot shot freight to its destination in no time.

Industrial grade refrigerator and dry van semi trailers with reefer

Refrigerated Vans

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Cowtown Express offers temperature-controlled delivery for delicate and sensitive items that need to be kept safe in their original state. Our wide variety of fleet specifications with cooling units, insulation, and specified configurations ensures the maximum protection of more sensitive freight. Rest assured, we can safely transport any product that needs temperature-controlled delivery.

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Domestic Shipping

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Whether it’s interstate or intrastate, local or long haul, we’ll always supply reliable, efficient, and safe domestic freight shipping services to deliver your goods. We work together with our reliable carrier network to provide the logistical expertise and means to move your freight cross-country to all 48 contiguous states using local to expedited shipping.

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Hazmat Shipping

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If not handled properly, shipping hazardous materials can turn out a disastrous experience. At Cowtown Express, we have been shipping hazmat for years, so we ensure the complete safety of your shipments.

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LTL Freight Shipping Services

Cowtown Express offers reliable and efficient less-than-truckload (LTL) freight services for businesses nationwide. Our experienced team specializes in handling a wide variety of LTL shipments, from palletized goods to machinery and equipment, ensuring your freight reaches its destination safely and on time. With competitive pricing, expedited shipping options, and a commitment to exceptional customer support, Cowtown Express is your trusted partner for all your LTL shipping needs.

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Let Us Handle Your Freight Shipping Needs

We provide shipping solutions to lighten your load. With us, you’ll receive transportation and logistics solutions that are second to none.

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Why Use Freight Shipping Services from Cowtown Express?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced shipper, there are always unexpected challenges to contend with. Using a professional, experienced freight shipping service, like Cowtown Express, allows you to hand those challenges to experts. A freight shipping company will handle any issues by creating personalized freight shipping solutions that fit your business. A freight shipping service also has easy access to shipping technology and resources on freight rates and carriers.

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At Cowtown Express, we streamline the freight packing and shipping process. Enter your shipping information and we will take care of the rest. We will provide you with the freight shipping cost, as well as handling dispatch, tracking, and even creating your bill of lading (BOL).

It is important to us that your shipment is properly packaged to protect against damage, as well as classed and loaded correctly to avoid unnecessary expenses for you. Ensuring your shipment arrives at its final destination safely and efficiently is always our first priority at Cowtown Express. Using a freight shipping service like Cowtown Express ensures high quality and stress-free shipping experience.

How Long Does Freight Shipping Take?

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There are a number of factors that determine the freight shipping time. Shipping time depends on where and when you would like your shipment picked up and delivered and the weight and dimensions of your shipment. The best way to determine truck freight shipping time is to contact us so we can answer your questions and provide you with a quote.

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Local freight shipping doesn’t have to be difficult because we provide shipping solutions to lighten your load. With us, you’ll receive transportation and logistics solutions that are second to none.

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