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Full-Service Freight Logistics Solutions

Need help shipping? We always deliver. As expert freight brokers with over 30 years of experience, we provide cost-effective 3PL freight solutions, including delivery, distribution, and warehouse services, to cover all your shipping needs.

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We integrate all aspects of the supply chain with our fully-fledged 3PL partnerships to get your freight where it needs to be. Our ground carriers transport hauls across the United States so that you can focus on your business. At Cowtown Express, we connect traditional, time-sensitive and wide load haulers to accommodate the transportation and delivery of your freight. There’s no job too big for us.

Our Logistics Solutions For Efficient Supply Chain

All freight logistics services at Cowtown Express offer specialized solutions for a range of industries. Our logistics consulting expertise will streamline your logistics management, saving time and preventing unnecessary expenditure.

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Freight Brokerage

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As a domestic freight broker, we only liaise with vetted, nationwide 3PL providers to ensure our over-the-road freight shipping delivers high-quality service and is available to transport your freight across the country.

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Truckload Shipping

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Our expert team provides FTL services equipped to deal with your specialized freight and heavy hauling. We employ highly qualified drivers and use top-of-the-line equipment for your over-the-road line-haul shipping.

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Integrated Logistics

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We’ll simplify your supply chain together with our trusted 3PL providers. Our integrated logistics solutions cover you every step of the way, including transport, warehousing, and cross-docking.

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Inbound Logistics

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We have the equipment and resources to transport, store and deliver your materials to your businesses from other suppliers. As inbound logistics specialists, we offer tailor-made, scalable solutions unique to your production cycle.

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Outbound Logistics

Our outbound logistics experts provide flexible solutions that guarantee you’ll always meet your growing consumers' needs. We collect, store and distribute your materials using our reliable fleet and vetted carrier network.

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Cold Chain Logistics

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Our industrial warehouse has equipment and materials to sort and reorganize your freight at a low cost. With major freeway access and available for short and long-term use, our warehousing freight logistics services are perfect for regional distribution.

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Last Mile Logistics

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Delivering goods on time with a great customer experience is critical to maintaining your brand's reputation. Cowtown Express provides last-mile trucking solutions by combining owned assets with highly vetted and trained delivery partners.

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Brokerage for your transportation needs

Save the time you'd spend looking for multiple carriers for your various transportation needs. Let ATS’ trucking solutions be your one-stop-shop for everything you need tomove, wherever and whenever it needs to go.

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Hassle-Free Third Party Logistics Provider

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As supply-chain management experts, our scalable approach ensures our customizable solutions are adaptable to your growing business’s needs. As brokerage specialists, we design personalized solutions that tackle your industry-specific problems and provide dynamic logistic services at competitive costs that increase efficiency.

We know that when it comes to assembly, packing, warehousing and distribution, most companies need a logistics partner that can provide high-level supply chain management to achieve seamless logistics. Outsourcing your shipping to us allows you to spend less time managing and more time scaling your business. With our extensive 3PL service and careful freight monitoring, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Our freight management and robust fleet is equipped to service industries of all types, including retail, production, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies. We provide you with the infrastructure for nationwide distribution and delivery and storage solutions to help ease your load.

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Why Choose Our Logistics Services

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3PL Network

To assure timely delivery, we work with reliable carriers across the US. Our team of experts ensures all our 3PL partners are vetted and follow standard industry procedures to assure greater peace of mind.

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Expert Service

As logistics specialists with deep knowledge of the trucking market, we’re equipped to handle every detail from A to Z. We have the experience to mitigate common logistical problems and provide effective solutions for a wide range of industries.

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With a 3-decade track record as one of the best third-party logistics services in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, our professional freight brokers are always available to answer your questions, provide expert advice and see to all your needs.

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Our integrated freight solutions are flexible and scalable to suit your production cycle. We take care of day-to-day operations using the best drivers, the fastest routes, and the latest technology to save you time and reduce wasteful spending.

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Brokerage for your transportation needs

At Cowtown express, our expert team is waiting to provide you with the best logistic solutions to meet your business’s unique needs. We’re on standby to send you live option quotes with empty trucks ready to roll. Let us help you.

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Local freight shipping doesn’t have to be difficult because we provide shipping solutions to lighten your load. With us, you’ll receive transportation and logistics solutions that are second to none.

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