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Cowtown Express is a leading transportation provider, supplying shipping to 48 states in the continental US and Canada. We are committed to the successful and timeous delivery of your freight. Our dedicated team answers customer calls in less than a minute because we believe in speedy responses to get your freight moving ASAP.

We personalize each delivery quote

From single FTL shipments to cross-country expedited freight, Cowtown Express has the quick and safe transportation solutions you need.

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    Trucking freight quotes provided in real-time

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    Shipping to all 48 continental states in the US, including Canada

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    Competitive freight rates coupled with high-quality service

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    Access to our fleet and carried network, providing hundreds of flatbed freight trucks for loads of all shapes and sizes

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    Specialized teams to oversee heavy haul freight and oversized loads

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    Experts dedicated to load tracking and customs clearance

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