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Refrigerated Freight Trucking Service

From day-to-day shipping to season surges, Cowtown Express has the capacity for frozen, chilled, or temperature-controlled freight.

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We understand the technical demands of transporting temperature-controlled freight and are committed to providing the highest level of care for every haul. As a dependable refrigerated trucking company, our team eliminates error margins by adhering to the strictest compliance measures to preserve the integrity of your cargo.

Located in Dallas-Fort Worth but operating across all 48 contiguous states, as well as Canada, we can transport your chilled products to their final destination on time and within budget. Whether it's frozen goods, pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, or any other temperature-sensitive freight, you can rely on us to keep your supply chain cool.

Our End-to-End Reefer Truckload Solutions

At Cowtown Express, we develop customized freight solutions to optimize supply chains. Some of our refrigerated transportation services include:

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    Comprehensive logistics and supply chain management from pick-up to delivery. 

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    Real-time tracking for complete visibility and performance review.

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    Fully insured and certified according to the DOT, FMCSA, and FSMA to ensure maximum safety.

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    Multi-temperature controlled reefers transport a variety of sensitive goods.

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    Delivery to all 48 contiguous states and cross-border to Canada

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    Warehousing and cross-docking services to consolidate shipments and reduce distribution costs.

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    Seamless logistics management for time-critical and expedited freight.

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    Premium and reliable refrigerated transportation services at competitive rates

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Refrigerated Capacity For Any Industry In Need

Our vast network of affordable and safe carriers with refrigerated trucks ensures the safe delivery of frozen food, perishable goods, chilled products, and time-sensitive cargo that needs swift transport. We service a wide range of industries shipping refrigerated goods such as:

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    Food and beverages

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    Cosmetics & personal care products

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    Dairy and produce

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    Fine arts and antiques

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    Medical and pharmaceuticals

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    Electronics and engineered materials

Reefer Equipment You Can Rely On

Whether you’re shipping cargo that needs precise temperature or food items that require cool transportation, we have refrigerated trailers and reefer units to handle your short and long hauls. They’re equipped to protect goods from freezing and match the exact temperature required. Some of our equipment includes:

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    53’ reefers

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    Freeze protected trailers

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    53’ space saver trailers

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    48’ reefers

Why Choose Cowtown For Reefer Trucking Services

Refrigerated shipping compliance is our highest priority. We strive to reduce operational costs and offer maximum efficacy for temperature-controlled freight.

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Maintaining Product

We only use FDA-compliant reefer units. Our team adheres to stringent security measures to ensure your temperature-controlled freight is safe across the entire cold chain, from pick to delivery.

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Quality and Security
of Your Shipment

We guarantee the special conservation, handling, and distribution that temperature-controlled cargo requires, always complying with the highest quality standards, so your shipment arrives safe and secure.

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Meeting Regulations

All our carriers meet the safety standards outlined by the DOT and FMCSA. Cowtown Express is certified in Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations to ensure refrigerated shipping compliance.

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Shipping Transparency

When you ship with Cowtown Express, you receive real-time data for improved visibility, so you can track your shipment at all times and gain insights to improve supply chain optimization.

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As a dependable reefer trucking company, we have a robust track record of temperature-controlled freight delivery. Whether expedited or regular shipments, we keep it cool. Get your refrigerated freight quote now.

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What factors are affecting the shipping rate of refrigerated freight?

Factors like delivery distance, weight, fuel costs, and regional regulations affect the cost of shipping refrigerated freight, as does produce season. Shipping demand surges in agricultural areas during harvest season. This demand shifts depending on the time of year and area of the country, and in most cases, can be predicted with relative accuracy.

Can a reefer container maintain the temperature for hot items?

Reefer containers can maintain temperatures up to 86F when required, regardless of outside temperatures. However, it is important to note that they are not designed to heat up or cool down cargo. Instead, they are meant to maintain pre-cooled cargo temperatures.

Do your refrigerated carriers meet the safety standards?

At Cowtown Express, we follow food transport best practices, ensuring product quality and integrity. Our carriers are in excellent condition and undergo regular food-grade inspections. From ensuring proper packing and ventilation to setting correct prescribed temperatures, we adhere to the DOT and FMCSA protocols and are certified in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations.

Can you provide the reefer capacity for seasonal surges?

We have an extensive network of reliable carriers to transport freight all year round. Our refrigerated freight brokers will match your freight demand's with the best carrier to ensure your temperature-controlled goods arrive intact and on time. We also offer expedited freight solutions to keep your cold chain running.