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Lumber & Wood Shipping Services

Cowtown Express is a shipping company providing several lumber transportation and delivery services. For years, our company has provided reliable wood transportation services across the 48 states and Canada with expert ease.

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Lumber is one of the most common and in-demand commodities in the United States, and when your business needs help with shipping wood, having a trusted lumber hauler by your side will ensure this good arrives in you efficiently.

For log hauling companies near you in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Cowtown Express is the trusted partner for the job. Operating in 48 contiguous states as well as Canada, we ensure a smooth, seamless lumber shipping process with safe and timely deliveries.

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Types of Wood & Lumber We Transport

Types of Wood & Lumber

At Cowtown Express, you can trust our experienced team for your next log hauling service. Backed by years of experience, and as one of the leading lumber trucking companies in the Dallas area, our wood shipping services offer smooth deliveries and transportation, alleviating the stress and coordination it takes to transport these goods. 

Cowtown Express has experience shipping lumber, including:

  • Palletized wood bundles
  • Plywood sheets
  • Dimensional lumber
  • Hardboard
  • LVL
  • MDF
  • Underlayment
  • Bundled millwork
  • Kiln-dried lumber
  • Timber flooring
  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Boules
  • Machined timer
  • Veneers

Types of Transport We Used for Wood Hauling

With years of experience under our belts and all the best equipment for timber shipping, our team at Cowtown Express customizes our solutions and recommendations of what transportation methods to use to safely deliver your goods. With this in mind, we rely on many different truck types to ensure the secure delivery of your wood shipment.

Here are our solutions!


A flatbed lumber truck is a versatile and commonly used trailer solution. A flatbed truck is an entirely open truck with a flat surface to secure large goods to. This is ideal for cargo that doesn’t need protection from the elements. With its flat, open design, a flatbed truck is built to accommodate a variety of cargo types of all shapes and sizes, making it perfect for large wood transportation endeavors.


RGN, or Removable Gooseneck trailer, is a trailer with a detachable front end that can be used as a ramp to load heavy or large goods. An RGN trailer is equipped with a double drop formation, which helps carry goods of a taller height. This makes this a wonderful choice to accommodate a large degree of different cargo with ease.

Double Drop

Similar to an RGN, a Double Drop trailer is one of the lowest trailers to the ground. With this feature, this truck type is great for wood hauling as it can handle large, heavy, and oversized goods.

Why Choose Cowtown Express for Lumber Transportation

At Cowtown Express, our top priority is to deliver each shipment in a safe and timely fashion. There’s a reason that of all the lumber shipping companies, Cowtown Express is one of the most trusted in the Dallas area. With years of experience and competitive prices, we offer a service you can’t beat.

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Fully Certified

Our team at Cowtown Express is fully certified, ensuring you can feel safe trusting your precious cargo with us. Our drivers are certified with CBSA and ASFC, C-TPAT, CSA, FAST, PIP, ACE, ACI, HAZMAT, and SmartWay. We go the extra mile to ensure all certifications are met so your delivery is handled properly and without delay.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Whether you have an in-demand business or need a one-time shipment handled, our team ensures your shipments arrive on time and properly. We understand the importance of getting the goods you need on schedule, so we offer reliable and accurate tracking, too, so you can keep track of the shipment throughout the process.

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Reasonable Prices

We are dedicated to offering transportation services within your budget with competitive log hauling rates. Our reasonable and economical prices help you save money while safely transporting your goods to the desired location.

Contact Our Log Hauling Company Near You Today

Ready to get going with a trusted lumber shipping company? Cowtown Express has your back. To begin the process of shipping wood today, call us at 817-398-3464 today, or get a quote online now.

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How to protect lumber for shipping?

Figuring out how to protect lumber for shipping depends on the type of wood you’re shipping and what it will be used for. Typically, we recommend using wrapped sheets of foam, bubble, or loosefill, depending on the size of your lumber. For more advice, our team is happy to provide a recommendation based on your unique shipment to ensure its safe transportation.

What are your log hauling rates?

Great question! Our log hauling rates depend on the size and weight of your shipment, what equipment will be needed to load and unload it from our trucks, the distance it's traveling, and how quickly it must arrive. For more information on the cost to ship your specific cargo, get a quote online now.