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Truckload Transportation Brokerage Service

As one of the leading freight broker trucking companies in the US, we offer streamlined supply chain solutions that are time and cost-effective, driving your company closer towards its business goals.

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We strive to supply you with the highest-quality shipping at affordable prices. Our freight broker services consider all factors, from the cost of fuel to only working with reliable and trustworthy carriers throughout our transportation network.

At Cowtown Express, our freight broker services will take care of all your needs, so you can focus on expanding your businesses. We work exclusively with reputable and insured carriers who, like us, provide excellent service, delivering goods on time and intact.

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Expert Trucking Brokers For More Capacity Options

When it comes to ground trucking modes, we offer both pure brokerage and extended fleet support from other exceptional carriers who provide us with additional resources when you need them. As an expert asset-based freight broker, we ensure our extended team upholds our professional standards and applies the same degree of high-quality care to your freight.

Full-Service Logistics Brokerage

Our freight broker solutions handle the entire shipping process from beginning to end. We provide all-inclusive logistics services from warehouse storage to truck loading and road transportation across the US and Canada and the provision of contract logistics agreements. Our full-service logistics broker team members ensure your freight is guaranteed a timeous arrival with our streamlined brokerage transportation services.

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We Provide Nationwide Truckload Brokerage

Let one of our expert freight brokers take care of all your shipping needs. As transportation brokerage specialists, we secure competitive rates for the following over-the-road transportation needs:

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How Our Freight Brokerage Specialists Work


Ordering Tender

At this stage, one of our full-service trucking brokers will ask you to provide the necessary information about your load. Once this data is collected, they will either assign one of our appropriate vehicles or find a carrier to transport your freight. This is called load tendering.


Finding & Vetting Carriers

If your freight requires a 3PL company, our professional brokers will help find and vet suitable carriers within our reliable network. Part of their job is to ensure our partnered carriers are insured, licensed, and meet Cowtown Expresses’ professional shipping standards.


Loading & Transporting

During this stage of the process, our freight brokers connect with drivers to ensure they have arrived punctually at their destinations and manage the process of safe cargo loading efficiently. We believe that direct, constant communications with our drivers is vital to maintaining quality control, no matter whether it's our fleet or one of our outsourced truckload carriers.


Unloading & Billing

While unloading your freight, the consignees sign the bill of lading, i.e., the form of a receipt given by the driver to the individual consigning goods. After the successful completion of both, our freight broker will invoice the shipper. Next is the billing process, where our broker issues an invoice to the shipper, and they pay the bill.

Why Cowtown Express Is The Right Brokerage For You

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High Safety Standards

Our freight broker agents vet all our carriers to ensure standard safety protocols are adhered to. We take care to monitor licensing, driver track records, and insurance policies to maintain all drivers and freight arrive safely.

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Broad Capacity

Our transportation brokerage network extends across the US, including Canada, allowing nationwide and border-crossing shipments.

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Personalized Service

From ordering tenders to final delivery, our dedicated team prioritizes the timely management of your freight. We use the latest technology combined with professional expertise to meet your shipping requirements.

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Logistics Analysis

Whether we use our fleet or employ the service of a trusted carrier, our experts always endeavor to plan the quickest routes at the most reasonable rates to provide you with the best value.

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Brokerage for your transportation needs

Over the past 30 years, we’ve provided many satisfied clients with affordability and high-quality delivery. Contact us today so we can help your freight arrive seamlessly at its required destination.

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Local freight shipping doesn’t have to be difficult because we provide shipping solutions to lighten your load. With us, you’ll receive transportation and logistics solutions that are second to none.

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