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3PL and Integrated Logistics Solutions for All Your Transportation Needs

From pick-up to delivery, our specialized team at Cowtown Express provides integrated logistics solutions that are cost-effective and efficient to get your freight where it needs to be.

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Delays in warehouse operations and shipment schedules damage customer relationships. When it comes to integrated logistics management, a simple mistake in your supply chain can produce an adverse knock-on effect on multiple clients.

Whether you’ve recently scaled up and need help addressing new challenges or are a startup experiencing teething problems, our integrated logistics team can help. With Cowtown Express, you can address challenges like wasteful spending, empty miles, expansion or consolidation, and more.

Our Efficient & Cost-Effective Integrated Logistics Services

Cowtown Express combines the advantages of asset-based and non-asset-based 3PL to supply structured and flexible integrated logistics solutions. Our hybrid offering allows us to provide unique solutions aligned with your needs, whether it’s outsourcing part of the process or managing your entire supply chain.

We implement solutions that deliver cost-effective transportation, streamline production processes and improve the flow of materials. Our expert team’s combined years of industry experience can help overcome complex logistics challenges that hinder your company’s growth.

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Trucking Transportation Management

Plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of your freight with our FTL, oversized, expedited, and temperature-controlled transport trucking modes. Our premium fleet is waiting to drive your business forward.

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Warehouse Management

Lower operating costs with our strategic inventory management and improved customer order fulfillment. Our economical site utilization and production improvements simplify the most complex handling of inbound and outbound freight.

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Fleet Maintenance

Certified mechanics keep our premium fleet’s wheels turning with regular, scheduled services. They understand the mechanical requirements for over-the-road trucking and possess the expertise to fix faults properly, without delay.

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Cowtown Express negotiates prices that add the highest value for our customers. Our long-standing relationships with trusted partners allow us to lock in lower rates that boost cost savings.

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Inbound Material Flow

We map logistics ecosystems to streamline the inbound material flow from aggregation to schedule planning and coordination. Our value-chain approach minimizes the time and touches required to move your materials.

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Outbound Goods Flow

Our team enhances customer satisfaction and decreases the chances of returned goods. Smart route mapping, maximum delivery capacity, driver compliance, and convenient cross-docking capabilities allow us to deliver goods faster.

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As a short-term storage solution that’s part of our integrated logistics services, cross-docking reduces labor costs and saves time. Transportation loads are fuller, and supply chains have increased agility.

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Return Shipments

Cowtown Express’s team prevents wasteful expenditure by efficiently recovering returned goods as swiftly as possible. We make customer returns hassle-free and streamline reverse product flow with our integrated shipping services.

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Transportation Technology

Our state-of-the-art technology provides consistency across all stages of the supply chain.

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    Transportation management: Improved dispatch to capacity matching

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    Warehouse management: IT-enabled optimization

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    Inbound & Outbound flow:  24/7 Shipment tracking

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Benefits Of Using Our Integrated Supply Chain Services

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Safe, On-time Shipments

We have outstanding safety and satisfaction scores. Our team adheres to the USDOT and FMCSA’s strict protocols to ensure your shipments and our drivers are always safe and on time.

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Full Visibility Into Complex Supply Chains

Our direct communication and end-to-end management of shipments minimize the challenges of increased capacity demands throughout the year. Having full visibility lets you accommodate volume surges and improve your profits.

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Efficiency Growth Across Various Industries

Our effective collaboration with partners and vendors reduces your carbon footprint, lowers energy consumption and transportation costs. We maximize efficiency throughout your supply chain, from pick-up to delivery.

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Why Work With Cowtown Express

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Customized Approach

Our customized approach overcomes specific industry challenges.
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Experienced Team

We have the foresight and agility to adapt to a fluctuating market’s demands.
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Improved Visibility

With greater visibility, you can clearly see where to implement improvements.
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Affordable Rates

Our rates are based on least-cost optimization to reduce expenditure.
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What Our Customers Say

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Man, was I in a bind last month. I am a sales person for a packaged food company and I had to receive about 150 cases of product, divvy it all up, and then ship it out to 70 different locations. I work from home and there was no way I was going to run this operation out of my 1 bedroom apartment. I was in a panic until I looked up some information and called Cowtown Express. They were so nice and agreed to receive the product, divide it up, and ship it out for me. Even though this kind of job is a little different than what they normally do, they were happy to figure out a way to get it done for me. Their labor costs were very reasonable and the whole thing got done with a lot less stress and hassle than I had expected.

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Bridget P.

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We have used Cowtown Express several times to move pallets between our warehouses in Dallas and Fort Worth. They have always delivered on-time and as expected. We are very pleased and wholeheartedly recommend their services.

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Darren F.

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Cowtown is a fantastic company in every angel. From the owners to the mechanics and everyone in between ! Our drivers put in 110% to the company and our customers and we get back every bit of that !! I'm very proud to work here ! If you're not using Cowtown're not getting the BEST !!!!

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Devin Wittu

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Great Company to work for. Good pay and great owners and management. One of the best trucking companies I've worked for in my 20 + years of driving

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Jason Reddick

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

Honest trucking company that is fair and pleasant to run for

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Marc Pilkenton

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

Love working here very family oriented company !! 5 stars

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Why Do I Need An Integrated Logistics Provider?

A reliable 3PL helps companies control costs and reduce capital expenditure related to operational procedures. An integrated logistics provider makes companies more competitive because they negotiate better rates with haulers and shipping lines.

What Is Internal and External Logistics Integration?

Internal logistics have to do with transport procedures to and from warehouses, whereas external logistics covers transportation from suppliers to consumers, as well transportation between different distribution centers and warehouses. Internal and external logistics integration combines these two processes.

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