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Double Drop Freight Trucking Services

Cowtown Express offers comprehensive double-drop freight services delivering freight on time at affordable rates for businesses with oversized and overweight loads.

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Double Drop Trailers
Double Drop Trailers

Cowtown Express provides double drop trailer trucking to ship extra-tall and overweight loads. Whether it's a one-off shipment or supply chain management, we transport all types of freight throughout all 48 contiguous states, including Canada.

Together, our experienced team of logisticians, brokers, drivers, and partner carriers plan efficient routes, organize permits and escort drivers, and other support to ensure your freight arrives promptly and securely every time.

Types Of Double-Drop Trailers We Can Move

Low to the ground and specially designed to service extra tall and heavy-hauls, double drop trailers, also called lowboys, offer unrivaled versatility. At Cowtown Express, we utilize four different types:

Standard double drop decks (3 and 5-axle)

These types of trailers add 3 feet to height clearances and are ideal for shipping extra-tall freight.

Double-drop RGNs

A detachable gooseneck allows wheeled or tracked equipment to drive directly onto the trailer.

Stretch double-drops

These trailers provide maximum support for excessively long hauls without the risk of overhanging freight.

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Commodities We Can Haul On Double Drops

Our drop decks servicing overweight and oversized freight, frequently transport the following:

Types of Loads to Haul with RGNs
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    Construction: Bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, and cranes.

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    Agriculture: Tractors, balers, harvesters, plows, and tractors.

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    Transportation: Vehicles, tanks, airplanes, and boat parts.

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    Mining: Heavy-duty machinery and equipment.

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    Energy: Generators and turbines.

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    Manufacturing: Industrial furnaces, mills, and presses.

The Cowtown Difference In Double-Drop Trucking

Double Drop Trailers

Our dedicated team of logisticians, dispatchers, freight partners, and drivers work tirelessly to ensure seamless freight transfer to and from any location on time and budget. As a results-driven double-drop trucking company, we maximize carrying capacity to decrease expenditure and boost revenue on every load.

All our insured equipment and drivers adhere to the strictest health and safety protocols. At the same time, our large fleet of versatile trucks and specialized trailers have the experience and capacity to handle complex heavy hauls and over-dimensional moves with ease.

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Trust Your Extra-Tall Hauls To Our Trucking Experts

Contact us for fast and accurate double drop trucking rates. At Cowtown Express, we provide solutions to tall haul logistics challenges and advise on state restrictions for each load.

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What are the cargo weight limits for double-drop flatbeds?

Double-drop flatbeds can haul loads exceeding 55,000 pounds, yet most commonly weighs around 40,000 pounds. Because double-drop flatbeds are feature-rich, they can accommodate a maximum load of 80,000 pounds, depending on the number of axles used.

What are the double-drop trailer dimensions?

Double-drop trailers are incredibly versatile and come in various sizes. They typically have a total length of 48’. Their upper deck length is between 8’-11’, while their lower deck length totals between 29’-50’. The trailer width is usually 8’6”, and the deck height is between 18’ to 24’.

Do we need to obtain special permits for transporting double drops?

When a load exceeds maximum weight or axle group limits set forth by a state’s regulations, a special heavy haul trucking permit is required from the state in which it will be transported. Remember, regulations between states differ, and heavy haul trucking permits usually cost more than basic oversize trucking permits.

What are double drop freight trucking rates?

Double drop trucking rates are calculated according to; commodity size and weight, time of year, fuel surcharge, required permits and escorts, accessorial changes, and the transport distance from the origin to the final delivery destination. If you contact us with your requirements, we can provide you with a quote.