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Air Freight Trucking Pick Up & Delivery Services

For dependable air freight delivery services, rely on our air freight carrier to handle the shipping and handling of your air cargo.

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Air freight transportation can be a complicated process and one that’s best in the hands of experts. Of the many air freight trucking companies offering services to handle your shipments, Cowtown Express is the expert on this service for the Dallas Fort Worth area. By relying on our air freight forwarders and brokers, you can count on us to seamlessly coordinate the transportation of your goods, including pickup and delivery arrangements that fit your schedule.

As your local partner for cargo airport services in DFW, Cowtown Express will work closely with you to ensure your shipment makes it safely from point A to point B, keeping track of your package along the way so it arrives as expected.

Our Air Freight Trucking Equipment

Our air freight trucking services to and from the Dallas area offer consistent, reliable deliveries of your goods. As a trusted local partner, you can ensure that our team will handle your shipment with care, relying on the best equipment to suit your individual needs. When it comes to air freight transport, our team relies on some different types of equipment. Our equipment:


Ideal for large cargo that’s not susceptible to environmental factors, Cowtown Express relies on flatbed trucks. These are trucks that feature an entirely open, flat surface to secure goods on.

Step Deck

A step deck truck sometimes referred to as a “lowboy trailer,” is a trailer we use when goods are too tall to fit on a traditional flatbed trailer.


For goods that require temperature controls, a refrigerated trailer is the best choice for transportation. This way, your goods can be kept at a temperature that ensures they remain in their best condition throughout the journey.


An RGN truck, or a removable gooseneck trailer, is ideal for carrying long and tall freight. With the front conveniently detaching from the trailer, it is convenient to lower it to the ground to create a ramp to load and unload equipment.


A Conestoga trailer is a flatbed with a tarp on a frame, designed to help protect cargo throughout travel. This is a great choice to provide added protection and security for goods during the shipping process.

Dry Van

A dry van is like many trucks you see on the highway with a fully enclosed design that provides ample protection to shipments from outside elements.

Types of Freight We Transport

Types of Freight We Transport

As the premier cartage carrier in the Dallas area, Cowtown Express is experienced in shipping several different goods. Our air freight delivery services include the shipment of everything from electronics to medical equipment, machinery, security equipment, aircraft parts, auto parts, retail goods, and more. With our vast services, we are the go-to carrier for your next big delivery or event.

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Freight Airport Pickups & Delivery Services We Provide

Air Freight Trucking Pick Up

Our trucking air experts at Cowtown Express are ready to handle several different shipment types, no matter the goods or distance. With real-time shipping visibility and considerate services, we handle all your DFW airport cargo pickup retrieval needs, as well as deliveries and any other coordination you need.

Our air freight delivery services include:

  • Airport drop and recovery
  • Next flight out (NFO)
  • Same Day, Next Day, and Deferred shipments
  • Airport to airport
  • Door to door
  • Direct to consignee
  • Breakbulk
  • ULD build
  • Freight consolidation
  • Short and long term storage

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In need of secure and trusted air freight trucking services in the Dallas Fort Worth area? Get in touch with our team at Cowtown Express for a quote and more information on how we can help you.

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Why Choose Cowtown Express for Air Freight Transportation

Air freight companies are best utilized for your pickup, delivery, or cartage carrier needs when it comes to quick deliveries, perishable goods, emergency scenarios, and other instances where specific timing is needed. For this reason, choosing an air freight trucking company like Cowtown Express is essential to ensure the safe transportation of your goods to and from the airport in a timely, safe fashion.

So, why choose Cowtown Express? Let’s break it down.

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Qualified Drivers

For seamless air freight delivery services, knowledge and experience are essential. Thankfully, our drivers at Cowtown Express are TSA qualified and licensed to uphold the highest security for your freight. This way, you can rest easy knowing that our drivers have experience with this business and will transport your goods safely.

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Technology Driven

With real-time visibility of the progress of your package, as well as electronic PODs and state-of-the-art TMS, plus custom reporting metrics, our team relies on all the latest technology to transport your goods safely, and keep you updated.

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Excellent Client Service

Our highly experienced staff knows how important it is that you have insight into the progress of your shipment. With this in mind, we are always responsive and knowledgeable of what’s going on with each and every package, ensuring we provide you with all the information you need.

Related Services

Beyond our DFW airport cargo pickup services, Cowtown Express is happy to assist with many other needs you may have when dealing with shipments and large quantities of goods. These services include:

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Whether you’re new to air freight transportation services or are looking for more on the costs of this service, our team is happy to help. For more information on air freight carriers and pricing, contact our team at Cowtown Express today.

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What is air freight?

Air freight, in its most basic meaning, is the transportation of goods via an aircraft. This may be through both charter and commercial flights and allows for the quick transportation of goods across long distances.

What is the cost of DFW airport freight transportation?

Great question! The final cost of cargo airport services DFW depends on the size and weight of your goods and how far they are traveling. Heavier goods require additional services to move them and may take up more space, which causes an increase in the cost. Additionally, the further the distance you’re shipping, the higher the price. For more information, get a free quote from our team today.