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Heavy Railroad Equipment Transportation Services

No matter how heavy your railcar equipment, Cowtown Express has the skill for the job.

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At Cowtown Express, we understand better than anyone how challenging railroad machinery hauling can be. While railway equipment is designed to make traveling across America easy, transporting this equipment to remote locations takes special skill and care. Thankfully, our railroad equipment transportation company knows just how to handle this heavy machinery with care.

Types of Heavy Railroad Equipment We Usually Transport

Our drivers at Cowtown Express transport railroad machinery across the country with professional care. From cabooses and boxcars to axles and other equipment, we know just how to take your machinery from point A to point B without incident.

With our expert railroad freight shipping, we can help ship an array of equipment, including:

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Rail Gear
Typically, rail gear accounts for everything from wheels and axles to springs, axle boxes, and other essential railway equipment that helps your trains run without a hitch. Typically, for railroad equipment transport of this kind, we rely on flatbeds or enclosed containers, depending on the size and weight of the load.
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Attached to the back of a train, the caboose provides a safe place for trail crews to ensure the train is balanced. Essential to preventing damage, a caboose can be shipped on its own or as part of a convoy with other railcars.
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Tie Crane
Part of railroad maintenance, a tie crane is used to add or remove railroad ties and pick up larger debris. Since this is an essential part of the larger mechanized maintenance gangs, this is best transferred on an RGN trailer on its own.
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Box Car
The standard shipment vessel for trains, boxcars are either enclosed or have an open top for goods. Typically, boxcars are best transported on a lower trailer with a strong rig.
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Push Car
A small yet essential piece of equipment, push carts ride along railways to check for damages to ensure the safety of a train.
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Spike Puller
Used to drive, remove, and replace railway spikes, spike pullers are part of regular maintenance on a train. This equipment is best shipped with a regular flatbed trailer.
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Personnel Carriers
Personnel carriers are often used to transport large groups of troops from one place to the next. This is a budget-friendly option of transportation, ideal for moving a group from one base to another.
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Speed Swing
Speed swings are a crucial part of railway maintenance responsible for doing a lot of heavy lifting. Since they are large in size and weight, an RGN trailer is the best mode of transportation.
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Railroad Axles
Railroad axles are the equipment affixed to the cars of a train. Typically, this equipment is shipped from one plant to another.
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Cable Car
Cable cars are one of the main parts of a train’s transportation system, and require a hauling option that is flexible in terms of height, length, and weight, usually hauled by RGN or oversized load hauling options.
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Utilizing hauling services ideal for overweight and oversized machinery, we haul locomotive elements while ensuring we account for all federal, state, and county permits.
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Monorails require unique expertise to transport due to their large and heavy size. Cowtown Express has extensive experience, ensuring this large equipment arrives without damage.
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Aerial Tramway
With a comprehensive fleet plan, our team carefully handles the transportation of aerial tramways throughout the county, handling the especially heavy cargo with care and expert equipment needed for the job.
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For trolley railroad machinery transportation, a multi-axle trailer is essential for transportation. Typically, a drop deck or low-boy trailer is best to transport this oversized equipment.
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Subway Car Shipping
Rail cars are quite expensive, so shipping them safely is all the more pertinent. With our railroad equipment transportation company, we haul rail cars carefully with special equipment for oversized goods.
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Tamping Machine Transport
No matter the equipment, we handle it with care, and everyone handling tamping machine transport is specially trained and insured.

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Our Heavy Railroad Machinery Freight Shipping Solutions

At Cowtown Express, we offer a number of solutions to transport your heavy machinery and goods. With customizable solutions to streamline the process, tapping into a range of shipping solutions, backed by years of experience to ensure your goods arrive safely.

Our top freight shipping solutions for heavy machinery include:


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Our flatbed truck solutions are the ideal solution for easy access for smooth loading and unloading of materials from any angle. For your heavy machinery, we can easily utilize cranes and forklifts to move your heavier loads.

Double Drop

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Designed specifically to carry taller loads, ideal for heavy railroad machinery, a double drop truck offers a cargo bed that can go as low as 18 inches off the ground. This design allows for heightened height clearance, and boosts the safety of transporting these large goods.


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Similar to a double drop, an RGN trailer can get lower to the ground for larger materials transportation. This can include a ramp for equipment to be driven onto for convenient loading and unloading.

Oversized Load Hauling

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Designed for any machinery that is over 8.5 feet wide, our oversized load hauling services ensure that your large machinery arrives safely with special care. With careful specifications and expertise, our oversized load hauling will carefully load and transport your goods without damage.

FTL Freight Shipping

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Full Truckload Shipping, or FTL, offers a number of benefits. Since your products are only loaded and unloaded one time as you obtain the full load, we can increase security and limit damage from multiple handlings of your goods that may occur with LTL.

Step Deck

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A step deck truck offers both a lower and upper deck, with a design that makes it easier to load and unload equipment. Ideal for transporting heavy machinery, a forklift can be utilized when loading and unloading this style of truck for seamless transportation of heavy goods.

Benefits of Our Railroad Equipment Hauling Company

For all aspects of railroad freight shipping, Cowtown Express is the team for the job. With an expert crew, reasonable prices, and on-time delivery, we ensure safe rail car shipping, no matter the distance.

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Fully Certified

At Cowtown Express, our entire team is fully certified, ensuring you can rest assured that your railroad equipment shipping is handled with an expert hand for safe, precise deliveries.

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On-Time Delivery

Whether you need your railway equipment delivered in a pinch, or want to keep updated with its latest location, our team offers ample tracking with expertise that ensures your shipments arrive right on time.

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Reasonable Prices

No matter the railcar equipment being shipped, we offer our transportation services within your budget at a competitive rate, ensuring you get the transportation services you need while remaining in-budget.

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