Power Generation Equipment Shipping: All You Need to Know

Power Generation Equipment Shipping: All You Need to Know

When it comes to shipping heavy cargo, freight shipping is the way to go. But what about the handling and shipping of generation equipment?

Items like generators, transformers, and turbines pose a unique challenge when shipping. Power generation equipment is often more difficult due to the weight and size, but that’s not all. This type of equipment often has pretty stringent timelines, with a specific time they must be installed. And the quick delivery of large goods is no easy task.

To best handle generator transportation, preparation, coordination, and flexibility are essential to the logistics of shipping these large goods. And with a company that’s experienced with heavy freight shipping, this task is made all the easier. To help you tackle moving a generator, our team at Cowtown Express is breaking down all the ins and outs of how to ship a generator successfully. Here’s how it’s done.

What You Should Know Before Shipping Generators

Shipping heavy equipment is a whole different ball game. To help you prepare, here’s what you need to know about shipping heavier items, like generation equipment.

  • Be prepared with the proper dimension measurements of the equipment you’re shipping.
  • If you don’t know the equipment’s exact specs, research the brand to find them.
  • Before tackling shipping, understand if the equipment can be crated or boxed.
  • Be familiar with the equipment. This is essential to understanding what will be required to safely load and unload the generation equipment.
  • Are any permits required to ship this equipment? Check this out in advance, especially when you are looking to ship internationally.
  • Be sure to check what is covered with your transporter’s insurance so you can understand if you will need to buy additional freight insurance.
  • Always properly prepare your equipment for shipping. Packaging generator equipment properly will help prevent any damage in the shipping process.

With this checklist, you can better ensure the safe, smooth delivery of your power generation equipment.

Common Types of Power Generation Equipment That We Transport

If you’re familiar with the power generation equipment industry, you know there are quite a lot of different types, all of which must safely travel from one point to the next. At Cowtown Express, we use flatbed trucks to transport these goods with ease and expertise.

Not sure what generator shipping we can cover? Let’s break it down.

Portable Generators

We often see popularity for portable generators in more remote areas, as well as in homes as backup power and for contractors that need to power their equipment through the workday. Typically, this equipment is smaller than other generators on the market and is one that Cowtown Express has mastered in terms of generator shipping.

Marine Generators

power generation equipment

Next is the shipment of marine generators. This type of generator is unique as it’s designed to handle a lot of different electrical equipment on the vessel. Including everything from heating and cooling systems, to radios, lights, and appliances, this is a common, useful generator, and one our power freight services cover.

Power Plant Generators

A power plant generator is one that, most commonly, burns oil, coal, or nuclear energy. These can also be used for renewable energy sources, like solar, wind, hydroelectric, and wave energy. This useful power generator can be seamlessly transported with the right expertise from our team.

Hydrogen Generators

Another popular generator our team at Cowtown Express ships is a hydrogen generator. When shipping this type of generator, finding an affordable option can feel tricky, but it’s one our logistics team has worked out. This generator type has increased in popularity due to its ability to generate energy incredibly fast.

Towable Power Equipment

Referring to both mobile and portable generators, a towable generator provides both diesel power, as well as gaseous power. Typically used to power large events and construction sites, as well as utilized in storm recovery, towable power equipment generator shipping is one you can rely on at Cowtown Express.

Fuel Oil Generators

Moving a generator like a heavy fuel oil generator is one best done by those that know how to handle particularly heavy equipment. When choosing Cowtown Express to handle this generator transportation, you can trust that we will not only calculate the cost of our services, but will also share the cost of insurance, permits, and tolls to ensure you have a full picture of how much it will cost to ship this particularly heavy shipment at a competitive, affordable price.

Standby Power Equipment

Cowtown Express has handled more standby generator equipment shipments than ever before. This generation of equipment has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to help prevent food from spoiling, pipes from freezing, and the loss of access to electrically-powered tools and equipment when a power outage occurs. This is, essentially, the perfect backup plan to have on hand.

Stationary Generators

generation equipment

Stationary generator shipping requires special expertise that, thankfully, the team at Cowtown Express has experience with. While some stationary generators come in smaller sizes that are much more easily portable, some options on the market are highly flammable, such as the gasoline generator. This requires a bit of extra care and knowledge, but when done right, will deliver safely to your destination.

Packaging Generators The Right Way

One of the most important parts of generator shipping is the preparation process, with packaging generator equipment being at the top of the to-do list. Before the Cowtown Express team arrives to transport your goods, you will need to take all the necessary steps to protect and secure your equipment before we arrive. This will not only protect it during a standard shipping process but from any unwarranted weather conditions that may occur.

Keep in mind - that improper packaging can decrease or invalidate the carrier's liability for any damaged or lost goods. So, it’s up to you to package it carefully and protect this equipment right. To do this, be sure you cover any exposed areas carefully and fasten them to a pallet using strapping tape. If you have any concerns, contact our team for help.


The shipment of generation equipment is a challenging task that takes special attention to do right, and relying on a trusted carrier can make a world of difference when hauling these large goods. This is where Cowtown Express shines. With a wide range of experience shipping large goods, including generator transportation, our power freight services company offer careful, expert shipping of these special items. Alleviate your stress and trust the experts.

For any additional questions about moving a generator, or for a quote for generator shipping, contact us today for assistance.

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