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Short Term Freight Storage and Temporary Warehousing

For all your short-term storage unit needs, Cowtown Express is happy to assist to provide temporary warehouse solutions to meet your business needs.

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Short Term Warehouse Storage
Short Term Warehouse Storage

Conveniently located short-term storage is ideal for all companies that deal with seasonal fluctuations in demand for their goods. With short-term storage solutions, your business can store your materials and goods in a safe and secure warehousing space for a shorter period of time.

With this, our temporary storage solutions at Cowtown Express help you avoid the commitment and costs that can come with long-term warehousing contracts, allowing you to only pay for the storage you need.

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Our Short Term Warehouse Storage Services

When looking for “short-term storage near me” in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, you’ve surely come across Cowtown Express. Our short-term storage space is a wonderful solution for your immediate and temporary storage needs. Here’s how we can help.

Last-Minute Solution

Last-Minute Solution

At Cowtown Express, we welcome last-minute drop-offs by appointment, allowing you to quickly offload your goods in our temporary storage units.

Clear Information

Clear Information

We offer straightforward information from dispatchers, ensuring you have convenient and reliable temporary warehouse storage solutions.

Reliable Delivery

Reliable Delivery

Our team is happy to help with the delivery of your goods to and from our temporary warehousing with reliable daily delivery.

Month-to-Month Commitments

Month-to-Month Commitments

Not sure how long you need our temporary storage containers for? No problem. We are happy to work with you to adjust your storage timeline as needed.

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

At Cowtown Express, we are proud to serve a vast range of industries, providing short-term warehouse storage when businesses need it most. Our short-term storage options help assist with storing retail goods, as well as large materials and machinery. This way, your company can utilize short-term freight storage space for all of your extra goods, alleviating the quantity at your location.

Our services are ideal for:

  • Retailers with seasonal demand
  • Special projects that require temporary warehousing 
  • Those that need warehouse scalability
  • Startups and growing businesses

Benefits of Temporary Storage Warehouse Solutions

There are many benefits temporary storage companies provide. Whether you’re working on a special, one-time project, experiencing growing pains with your business, or remodeling a location, our temporary storage warehouse can provide the additional space you need for your goods.

No matter the size of your goods, our warehouse is equipped to handle it with convenient, easy drive-up access to large units. This way, you can easily offload your goods into our short-term warehouse space.

Unlike stockpiling an extra amount of goods at your store or facility and hoping for the best, our short-term warehouse is equipped with 24-hour video recording and is well-maintained for the security of your goods.

At Cowtown Express, we are all about ease, so we offer convenient access hours so you can access your things at almost any time.

Why Choose Cowtown Express for Short-Term Storage Options?

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Safe Warehousing

Our on-site short-term warehousing features 15,000 square feet of space that are secured to ensure the safety of your goods of all types.

Prime Location

Prime Location

We are located conveniently between two international airports, allowing for seamless pickups and easy access to highways to accommodate your drop-off at our short-term warehouse rental.

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Expert Team

Our team of professionals is equipped to handle the safe transfer of your goods, with both material handlers and forklift operators on-site. You can trust that our team will handle your delivery with the highest care.

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Flexible Shipping

We know things change and industries can be demanding, so we adjust your schedule to offer flexible shipping daily, weekly, or monthly, as well as any expedited shipping needs for your convenience.

Contact a Short Term Storage Company Near You Today!

Whether you’re hastily looking for “temporary storage near me”, or know that you’ll need some extra space to store seasonal decor and equipment, our team at Cowtown Express is happy to assist. With safe and secure short-term warehouse rental options, you can entrust your goods with us.

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What is short-term storage?

Short-term freight storage refers to storage needed quickly for a short period of time. Typically, this is in regards to storage space that will be utilized for three months or less, however, this timeframe can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

Can I rent a storage unit for a month?

Absolutely! At Cowtown Express, you can rent a short-term storage unit for however long you need. We offer one-month storage, as well as month-to-month options in case you need a bit more flexibility when it comes to the storage of your goods.

How do you calculate short-term storage costs?

Short-term storage costs depend on different factors. Primarily, the elements that will affect your final cost are how much space you need for your materials and how long you are hoping to store them. The more space needed and the longer you store it at our facility, the higher the cost. For an estimate, get a quote with us online today.