RV Shipping Guide: All You Need to Know about Moving RVs and Trailers

RV Shipping Guide: All You Need to Know about Moving RVs and Trailers

Nothing is quite like the excitement of traveling to distant locations and living on the road. But we can't just park the RV anywhere.

There is a way for travelers like us to reach our favorite destinations and have fun without driving for long hours or worrying about their RV moving or disappearing.

Freight shipping services are an efficient solution for RV shipping; they can pick up your RV or trailers from your location and drop them off at your desired location. This guide shows you how to take advantage of this facility for motorhome shipping.

How Can an RV Be Moved?

The United States is blessed with many natural sights. Local tourism has spiked in recent years, and people are buying RVs to fulfill their dream of traveling to maximum locations and visiting national parks in different states.

You can have immense fun and spend quality time with your friends and family living the RV life. Or you could do it solo. Either way, a trailer or an RV is a necessity.

But buying these is one expensive step, and shipping is another.  

A professional RV transport service can ship your RV trailers anywhere you want. Heavy transporters save your time and efforts with their years of experience and sophisticated techniques like heavy hauling. Within the US mainland, there are three types of trailer and RV Transport services.

  1. Drive-away RV shipping.
  2. RV Towing.
  3. RV Hauling.

Drive-Away RV Shipping

Drive away is a standard method of RV shipping from your location to anywhere on the mainland. However, the price may not be suitable for everyone. In the drive-away shipping method, you have to hire a driver to drive your RV from your pick-up location to the exact drop-off location.

RV Towing

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You may have seen this type of transportation on highways. RV towing transportation methods include towing RVs or trailers by other vehicles that don't have an engine of their own. The transporter picks up your RV or trailer by attaching it to their trucks and tows it to the destination.

RV Hauling

RV Hauling is not as common as the above two, but it ships RV or trailer via lowboy or flatbed and then transports to your desired location on the mainland.

Experts prefer this method if the RV or trailer cannot operate or they are unable to tow it. Dealerships use the step deck hauling method to transport lightweight RV trailers across the country.

Types of RVs and Trailers We Usually Transport

Before directly approaching RV shipping companies, you should know that there are two types of RV vehicles based on the engine type and availability. Although the categorization further depends on the size and use of the RVs.

You can tow or haul RVs that are within 25 meters' length and 14 feet high, but beyond this length, you need particular logistics and transport vehicles to ship them; there are different types of trailers and motorhomes; let's have a look at types of motorhome shipping:

A, B, C Class Trailers

A, B, and C class motorhomes usually don't need flatbeds or lowboys to carry them; people typically drive them to their desired location. However, if a motorhome cannot go on its own, it can be shipped by loading it on trailers and sent to your desired location.

Common Trailers

People concerned over the possible damages to RVs when driving them should use towing or hauling services for US mainland or overseas shipping. Trailers like Toy-haulers, travel trailers, cargo trailers, and other lightweight trailers can easily be towed or hauled; the decision is yours to make according to your budget and feasibility.

5th Wheel RVs and Trailers

5th wheel trailers are towed because of their sheer size and unique specifications that often link them to semi-trucks and trailers.

By now, you should have a clear picture of RVs and trailers categories; this helps us understand your trailer and choose the suitable RV shipping method to ship them.

How to Prepare Your RV for Shipping

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Ready to ship your RV? So here's how you do it. When you contact RV haulers for shipping a motorhome, they prepare it for shipping, but you must take measures to secure your vehicle against any possible damages. During RV shipping, take help from transporters and ask for any prior freight commodities and requirements.

Inside Preparations

Do the following steps to prepare your RV for shipping with motorhome transport companies:

  1. Take down anything that is hanging on the walls of the RV.
  2. Take down all loose items.
  3. Disconnect power supplies like (gas and electricity).
  4. Check the cargo compartment for any loose items.
  5. Close latches of cabinets, doors, and windows.
  6. Tape doors, windows, or cabinets that are unable to shut.

Outside Preparations of the RV

The outside checklist for transporting a motorhome is below:

  1. If your RV has slide-outs, lock them.
  2. Secure all your doors, windows, external pop-ups, and chains.
  3. Check turn signals, indicator lights, parking brakes, and parking lights; make sure they are fully functional.

Mechanical Preparations

Before shipping, your RV should not have any mechanical issues; immediately fix them before RV moving:

  1. Check for any fluid leaks
  2. Check fluid levels of engine oil, power steering fluid, brake oil, transmission fluid, and coolant)
  3. Check hitch and tow bar to ensure correct installation
  4. Check the battery for the right voltage range

Take Safety Measures For The RV Moving

  1. Check for any physical damage on your RV.
  2. Check your tire air pressure.
  3. Check for additional safety measures like airbags and emergency brakes.


Shipping your RV can be hectic and daunting, but it is not difficult when you have a professional RV transport service. Get help from an RV shipping company to ensure your RV safely reaches your desired location.

We provide cost-effective RV shipping quotes for high-quality services that you can trust. Our highly skilled professionals ensure that you get your vehicle anywhere you want. We assure you 100% satisfaction and safety using modern technology and sophisticated machinery.

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