Auto Parts Shipping Guide: How to Pack and Transport Automotive Parts

Auto Parts Shipping Guide: How to Pack and Transport Automotive Parts

The car part industry is rapidly growing as more and more people need parts for new or old cars. Vintage car parts, rebuilding or redesigning a vehicle can require rare and unique parts. If you are a car part seller or have a business that includes selling car parts, you must know how to ship car parts.

Many people conduct car parts selling business online, so auto parts freight shipping has become an integral part of their business. Auto parts can be as big as engines or small components of various sizes and types. These parts are heavy and do not have a proper shape, so the best way to ship car parts is in bulk quantities using FTL shipping to save money and time.

Preparing, Packing, and Shipping the Car Parts

Sometimes auto parts are damaged during car parts shipping, which can negatively impact your business (If you are a seller) and are of no use to the final user. You must pack the parts cautiously and use suitable freight shipping commodities.

You can use foam-in-place or spray foam filler to pack heavy car parts like the engine. While for smaller and lighter car parts like hoods, you can use kraft paper or bubble wrap.

How to Ship a Car Engine?

Car engines are the heaviest component of auto parts shipping. Logistic companies like USPS do not ship engines because of their hazardous nature. However, there are two best ways to ship large car parts like engine shipping:

  1. You can pack the car engine in a crate, but when you do, make sure that it is correctly packed with materials so that it does not move while shipping transport car parts.
  2. Using the pallet shipping method is cheap compared to crate shipping, but it requires more effort and careful packaging with various materials to secure the engine. Like crate shipping, you have to pack the engine in pallet shipping tightly so it does not move while auto parts shipping.

Transmission Shipping

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For transmission shipping, you have to follow some specific steps because it falls under freight class 85, regardless of pallet or crate shipping:

  1. Remove parts like side shift consoles and others that can be detached, and place them in a separate box to avoid damage.
  2. Clean the transmission till no grease or oil is left.
  3. Similarly, like engine shipping, when using a pallet shipping method, tightly pack the transmission so that it does not move while shipping. Use suitable materials like bubble wraps, shrink wrap, and double-walled cardboard to secure the product.

Preparing Car Wheels for Shipping

Car wheels are an essential part of auto parts shipping companies. It would be best if you boxed fancy chrome wheels to avoid damages like scratches, while for plain wheels, you can wrap them using tape and plastic liner. Both types of wheels cushion the whole surface for safety.

How to Ship Other Car Parts

Auto parts shipping companies sell and ship many types of car parts. Apart from engines, transmissions, and tires, other car parts also require careful packaging:

  • To pack Flex Wheels and Flyplates, use two or three wall corrugated boxes. These parts can be heavy, so place a sticker as a warning sign and try to fill the empty spaces in these car parts.
  • Car bumpers can be subject to scratches and dents when packed carelessly. You can use bubble wraps or plastic bags that protect it from scratches.
  • Plastic molding is relatively sensitive to car parts and is more likely to break. It is best to place them in a box and cushion them carefully to avoid damages.
  • For moldings, you can use plastic bags, boxes, or cushions, depending on the molding material and decorative version.
  • Some exhaust parts have sharp pointed edges; these can damage other materials or a person during shipping. Use multiple layers of bubble wrapping or air-cellular cushioning material to secure the edges.
  • Dunnage packaging can be reused to pack coil springs and shocks.
  • Use fiberboard, plastic bags, plastic films, or bubble wraps to secure parts like A-arms, threaded rods, and sway bars.

Important Information to Know for Shipping Car Parts

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If you are a car parts shipping company, you should know the necessary information before shipping products via logistic companies:

  • You have to measure accurate dimensions for your package, including length, height, and width.
  • Provide the ZIP code and accurate pickup point.
  • Do not estimate the weight of your package; measure it and get accurate numbers.
  • Get accurate details of package delivery and street name. ZIP code, area, or block.
  • Give detailed information to a courier; it will help them, and you classify the product under the right category, which can impact shipping rates and delivery.


Car part selling is an exciting business, but it has complications in auto parts shipping; many people face difficulties in shipping different car parts. It is better to take help from a car parts shipping company for efficient and seamless delivery of all types of car parts.

There are many types of heavy and light car parts, but both can get damaged while shipping. As a business owner or a random seller, you do not want to deliver a damaged product to your customers.

That’s why take help from professionals as they know the techniques and methods to pack your car parts safely, so get the best automotive shipping quote today.

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