Shipping Quotation and Booking Guide: Freight Quote Process Explained

Shipping Quotation and Booking Guide: Freight Quote Process Explained

There’s more to get a quote for freight than entering your shipment’s weight and size into a freight carrier’s online freight quote form. You’ll need to compare the carriers to find a reasonable rate. And a precise quote for freight depends on many variables.

A viable way to get a freight quote is via NTG, formerly FreightPros. For freight brokers, it gives them fast quotes from qualified and vetted freight carriers with peace of mind that your freight won’t be delayed and will get delivered on time, safely.

The right freight shipping partner can make the process smooth and stress-free.  

Choose Where to Get a Quote for Freight  

You can go to a freight shipper to request a freight quote, use an online exchange site, or a freight broker that allows you to compare cargo quotes from various carriers. Moreover, you want to ensure you get a great deal and that your freight is in safe hands. Choosing an appropriate shipping partner can make shipping freight and quote easy.

Here are the main freight provider options to consider:

Freight Broker

A freight broker is a good option if you’re new to shipping freight and want a no-nonsense, reliable service. They’re seasoned shipping experts who can tap into many carriers to help you find the best rate for your shipments.

Freight brokerage allows companies to find the appropriate shipment carrier. They generate profit by adding a percentage to the transporter’s wholesale rates.

Generally, freight brokers have solid relationships and competitive prices with carriers. Also, they offer hands-on customer service, sometimes with dedicated account representatives.

Online Freight Exchange

Essentially, online freight exchanges are do-it-yourself (DIY) broker services, bringing wholesale carrier prices. It requires relatively more shipping savviness from entrepreneurs to opt for the best carrier.

An online freight exchange adds a percentage to movers’ wholesale charges like brokers. They are similar to auction houses or social networks that connect movers with carriers directly.

The online freight exchange is like an online DIY broker. It’s a viable option for experienced or one-time repeat shippers that demand total control over their freight options.

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Independent Freight Carrier

Some carriers ship nationwide, while others specify in a particular region. Also, it’s easy to negotiate lower rates with a specific carrier if you send in bulk along particular routes or an area.

Companies can also work directly with a shipper rather than through a third-party exchange or broker. Small shippers usually get higher rates when working directly—however, volume shippers can agree to discounts.

Carrier provides LTL and FTL freight shipping services. This is a good option for frequent shippers with freight traveling on particular nationwide routes or in a specific region. A full truckload is a great option when you want a separate truck for your merchandise.

Freight Expeditor

Freight expeditors are freight brokers specializing in export and import shipments. They know what resources and paperwork are necessary to ship your freight through borders — irrespective of the country.

Their services include freight forwarding, which requires in-depth planning and careful coordination of the movement of commodities across countries.

A freight expeditor facilitates freight shipping globally, providing brokering shipments and freight forwarding solutions (like movement coordination and customs documentation).

For instance, some companies go overboard by providing a seamless and reliable freight shipping process for US-Canada freight shipping and safely delivering the goods.

Like brokers, freight expeditors often include fees to transporters’ wholesale freight costs.

Gather All the Information about Your Shipment

It’s imperative to gather all the vital information about your shipment. To help you, here’s a comprehensive list of all that essential information that you should garner to get an accurate, fast shipping quotation:

  • The pickup location zip code/postal and city
  • Are you shipping dock to dock, business to business, (If not, is the delivery/pickup location restricted access or residential? Does any site need a tailgate?)
  • The delivery location zip code/postal and city
  • What’s the commodity?
  • Quantity of pieces
  • How’s the commodity packed?
  • Is that shipment stackable?
  • The weight of the shipment
  • The dimensions of shipment (W x L x H)
  • The class of shipment (For shipments going from, within, or to)
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Book Your Shipment

This step demands some necessary details to get the paperwork ready for pickup.

For pick up:

  • Company name
  • Date (pick up)
  • Address (pick up)
  • Contact email (pick up)
  • Contact’s phone number and name
  • Reference number (if valid)
  • Hours (pick up)

For delivery:

  • Delivery address
  • Company name
  • Contact’s phone number and name
  • Delivery hours
  • Reference number of the consignee (if valid)


Getting the best quote for freight shipping isn’t that difficult if you have the precise information regarding your shipment and a dependable freight provider. You can book your shipments and get freight quotes through various sources, including online freight exchanges, freight brokers, and independent carriers.

A freight broker tends to be the safest bet for service and price. However, the right shipping quotation depends on various variables that differ for all service providers.

Our freight shipping company can help you get the most reasonable rates while helping you navigate the intricacies of the freight process. Contact us to get the best freight shipping quote today.

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