Snow Plow Hauling: A Complete Guide

Snow Plow Hauling: A Complete Guide

In any area where there is snowfall, there is road plowing. But how do plows get from place to place when a new or used one is sold? They have to be shipped, of course, and due to the uniqueness and different types of snow plows, specialized freight arrangements need to be made.

If you’re looking for pallet snow plow shipping or other heavy equipment transportation, read on below to find out how Cowtown Express is the ideal freight solution. With our freight solutions, you’ll be able to get your plow to the desired location quickly and safely so you can get to your winter plowing right when you need to.

Types of Snow Plows That We Transport

There are several different types of snow plows, and at Cowtown Express, we can certainly ship them all. Let’s take a look at the different snow plows we can transport for you.

Straight Snow Plows

Straight snow plows are the least expensive of all types of plows due to their basic shape, and they are easier to maintain. They shift snow around using basic movements such as up, down, left, and right. These plows can be attached to small or midsized pickup trucks for easy road plowing.

V Snow Plows

A V snow plow is a little more complicated and likely the best for winter plowing involving dense snowbanks. With two separate blades that can be set to various configurations, this plow can perform long snow pushes in one direction.

Containment Plows

Consisting of a curved moldboard lying perpendicular to the direction of travel and sidewalls at either end, the containment plow does exactly what its name says - it keeps snow contained. These moldboards will either have a steel or rubber edge to prevent the snow from traveling under the vehicle.

Preparing the Snow Plow for the Shipping

types of snow plows

The good news about shipping plows is that they are quite durable and don’t need a lot of packaging materials for shipping. Wrapping the blade in shrink wrap will help to protect it from scratches and placing it directly on a pallet for easy mobility is going to be the best way to ship. The blade must then be secured firmly to the pallet so it doesn’t shift, slide, or fall over.

It’s important to make sure that the blade or plow doesn’t go beyond the surface area of the pallet, even if it’s not touching the pallet itself. When the blade is situated on the pallet, it needs to be covering at least 65% of the pallet’s total surface area as well. Therefore, it’s important to choose the correct sized pallet for the specific snow plow. Overall, pallet snow plow shipping is definitely the way to go.

Safety Measures for the Snow Plow Transportation

Snow plow blades are very heavy, and there’s a lot that could go wrong if safety measures are not followed properly. First and foremost, when driving from location to location, the blade needs to be positioned correctly, as indicated above. This varies depending on the type of blade that’s being transported.

It’s important to make the proper adjustments to the snow plow blade and pallet to make sure it’s properly balanced. Making sure the blade is very firmly secured with banding is also absolutely crucial. The last thing you want is for the blade to shift around the flatbed or trailer during transportation.


All in all, snow plow shipping isn’t entirely complicated, but some important preparation and safety measures need to be taken due to the shape and weight of the snow plow blades. It’s really important to not try to do it yourself and instead hire a professional freight shipping company.

At Cowtown Express, we have more than ample experience shipping snow plows, so contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a quote for your pallet snow plow shipping needs.

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