Why Freight Trucking Is Crucial for any Brewery Business

Why Freight Trucking Is Crucial for any Brewery Business

Breweries have massively grown in popularity in the last few years, and while this growth has been tremendous, it doesn’t come without a great deal of work.

Many brewery owners handle a wide range of tasks to make it possible. From managing brewers and hosts to promoting their brewery and maintaining the books, there’s a lot on their plate. And with all of that already on the table, worrying about shipping brewing equipment can only add to the stress. Unless, that is, a carrier steps in to seamlessly transport brewery equipment.

To avoid the headache of beer transport and all the steps that go into it, Cowtown Express can handle your brewery machine freight shipping. But why is this so important? Let’s break it down.

Inbound & Outbound Logistics

At Cowtown Express, we help alleviate the stress on brewery owners with well-thought-out logistics solutions. As the go-to beer shipper, we will handle everything that goes into inbound and outbound shipments so you can remain focused on the crowd-pleaser - the beer.

So, how can we help your brewery? In partnership with your team at the brewery, we will work to provide:

  • Detailed communication regarding pick-ups, delivery times, and exceptions so the schedule is clear for you.
  • Use collective buying power to help reduce the cost of freight.
  • Offer expedited shipping to speed up the beer transport process.
  • Handle all unwarranted rebill contestation.
  • Deal with all freight claims expertly so you don’t have to add that to your list.

Essentially, Cowtown Express is here to handle all things logistics when it comes to shipping brewhouse equipment and beer. This way, you can focus on the craft, while we take the goods from one place to the next.

Brewery Supply Delivery

One of the most important parts of running a successful brewery is sales and sharing your brew with new and seasoned customers. To do this, you need a company to help transport the goods, and we are just the team for the job.

No matter if you’re a brewer or a vendor/supplier, Cowtown Express will help transport your ales and ciders, taking the brew tank where it needs to go while you focus on making the next batch. This way, we can continue sharing your creation with customers so you can see the benefits, without the hassle of dealing with shipments.

Shipping Brewery Equipment

brewing equipment

Cowtown Express will not only ship your carefully crafted beer but your brewhouse equipment, too.

Even your largest brewery machine can be transported via our services. We know shipping expensive brewing equipment is a stressful thought, but with years of experience shipping freight of all shapes and sizes, we know just the steps to take to ensure your equipment transports safely. Whether we need to ship with a wide load or flatbed shipping, our team of experts will take a look at the equipment you’re shipping and take it from there.

If you already started looking into the process, you likely came across quite a few logistics solutions. From LTL shipping to full truckload, our team will work to find the best solution for you at an affordable cost. Remaining within budget is always top of mind, and finding the most affordable, safe solution is what we specialize in.

Backed by experience, you can trust Cowtown Express to transport brewery equipment across the country. So, stop worrying about what truckload to use and how to properly package the equipment - we’ve got it covered.

Trucking Kegs & Glassware

Sure, we know how to handle the big, heavy equipment, but we know a thing or two about the more delicate materials, too.

At a brewery, we know that the process starts with fresh glassware and kegs - an essential part of your business. Whether you need new glassware at your brewery, a new brew tank, or a classic keg, we can bring you these materials in a cinch. To handle this, we will follow special fragile cargo guidelines, ensuring each piece arrives safely and intact with the right logistical strategy. The last thing we want is for glasses to arrive with chips and cracks, so we will properly package and move pallets to safely deliver these more fragile goods.


As your brewery grows in popularity, you can expect a heightened need for more brewery equipment and shipments of your product across the states. To invest in the expansion of your business, it’s time to commit to a trusted freight shipping partner to have by your side, and Cowtown Express is just that.

To handle all your beer transport needs and the complicated logistics that go into it, Cowtown Express is here to assist. For your freight shipping quote,  fill out our form online today, and we will get back to you soon with all the details.

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