8 Tips to Find the Best Trucking Broker Company for Your Business

8 Tips to Find the Best Trucking Broker Company for Your Business

Finding a freight broker for your kind of goods can be quite daunting. Freight brokers are important to service providers for most businesses. Particularly, they are of great help to the trucking industry.

A freight broker or freight brokerage company is responsible for linking the shipper with the most suitable and reliable carrier. Although there are various trucking broker companies around, not all of them are fit for you.

Here are 8 tips to help you find the best trucking broker company for your business:

#1. Ask about Freight Insurance

Serious shipping broker companies need to have freight insurance. As a shipper or trucker for freight brokers, it is important to ask potential trucking broker companies for this important document before considering them.

Operating without freight insurance is a criminal act and this can pull a negative one on you if your clients find out you are using a rebellious company. Besides, using a shipping broker company without insurance can cause costly delays in delivery if that company gets caught.

#2. Make Sure that Broker Has License

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The best freight brokers are licensed. And not just that, their licenses are correct and current. You should always consider that you have promised your client a delivery date. Therefore, you must avoid all incriminating acts that may cause freight shipping delays.

#3. Run a Credit Check

Wondering how to find a freight broker that would give you peace of mind and pay duly? Then you should run a credit check on all shipping broker companies you are considering.

A credit check shows you how well a trucker broker company has been doing financially over the years and if you can trust them to pay up promptly without pulling a stunt.

#4. Make Sure that Broker Is Experienced

The last thing companies that use freight brokers want to do is find a freight broker who is not adequately experienced. Trucking and delivery is already a stressful process. You don’t want to complicate things by employing an inadequate shipping broker company.

Consider companies with three to four years of experience. Not only are these companies experts at smooth shipping, but they will also promise you good customer feedback.

#5. Reliability and Consistency

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The best freight brokers are reliable and consistent. Partnering with these kinds of trucking broker companies will also make you a reliable carrier or trucker.

If you make a preliminary check on a freight broker and find out inconsistencies or unwarranted breaks, this shows potential unreliability. You should run!

#6. Check the Key Metrics of the Broker

When looking for freight brokers, ask them questions, make background checks from external sources, and check customer reviews.

You should look out for:

  • Complaints: While complaints from customers are sometimes totally unavoidable, look out for recurring or recent complaints. If such complaints can affect you negatively, then you have every reason to move on from such a freight broker.
  • Credit Rating and Pay Duration: These are also important as they hint to you about the financial standing of the company, their payment trends, and their general commitment to payments.

#7. Evaluate the Costs

  • Ask yourself, how much is the deal with this shipping broker company going to cost me and how much do I project to gain in return?
  • While making this evaluation, understand that potential profit also boils down to good customer reviews. This can help you retain clients, trigger recurring transactions, and also get new clients.
  • Do a quick check through your track record as a carrier company. If there are any records to be smoothened you should do that quickly. Remember that trucking broker companies will also prefer to strike deals with a carrier company that boasts of a good track record.

#8. Check the Reviews and Reputation in the Industry

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Perhaps, the easiest way to find a trucking broker company is by obtaining reviews by word-of-mouth. Most shippers already have freight brokers they work with. Their reviews and suggestions can help you with finding a freight broker quickly.

Nevertheless, you should not sideline upcoming trucking broker companies. If they do well with their records and have the right technologies, they’ll most likely offer you a job well done.


Delivery is an essential part of a business's supply chain and can make or mar your customer service procedures. By following the tips provided here, you will be able to find the best trucking broker companies to work with.

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