How to Prepare Your Electronics for Shipping: the Electronics Packaging Guide

How to Prepare Your Electronics for Shipping:  the Electronics Packaging Guide

It is essential to exercise caution when handling electronic items during shipping because they are fragile. The most common cause of damage to electronic goods during shipping is improper electronics packaging.

Electronic devices have sensitive components vulnerable to damage from various environmental factors, including temperature, motion, and g-forces.

Putting a "fragile" stamp on your package won't increase the likelihood that it will be dealt with more caution. So, what else should you do to prevent your electronics' shipping from getting damaged?

Here are some pointers and suggestions to help you in packing electronics properly and know the best way to ship electronics.

Protect Fragile and Sensitive Electronics

It is best not to trust your local pack and ship services to know the particulars of every electronic device's requirements - particularly the one you're shipping that has special sensitivity requirements. Take extra care to protect your freight shipping commodities from conditions that typically damage everyday electronics.

Such devices would be rendered useless if they were not adequately protected. For example, products sensitive to EMI/RF frequencies or high levels of g-force require special packaging. Shielding made of aluminum should be placed over such devices for protection.

A "g-factor" can be found on almost every product, including the typical flat-screen television, which has between 60 and 85 g-forces. Similarly, there might be other sensitive or delicate items. So it is essential to do your research on how to ship electronics.

The batteries in an electronic device are another delicate component of the device. Most electronic devices either run off battery power or come with batteries that can be removed and replaced.

Batteries such as lithium are commonly used in many of today's electronic devices; however, if they are not packaged correctly for shipping, these components can be a source of sparks, hazardous heat, or fire.

UPS advises that when shipping virtually any battery, you must protect all terminals from accidentally being short-circuited. You can do this by encasing each battery in non-conductive material or wrapping it inside an entirely separate package.

Package Your Electronics Properly

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Your electronics’ packaging decision is entirely dependent on the item that you are shipping. Some delicate electronic items may be able to stand on their own without additional padding. On the other hand, if you are shipping fragile items, you must package them and provide them with sufficient protection. Packing electronics is the most critical part of the shipping process.

When shipping fragile electronics, the original packaging provided by the manufacturer is the safest and most convenient option. Even if those boxes have ended up in the hands of children, your cat, or the recycling bin, you can ask the manufacturer if they'll send you new ones.

If that doesn't work, here is a detailed guide on how you can safely pack and ship electronics:

  • First, remove all of the equipment's extra parts, such as cords, chargers, adapters, and other accessories, and package them individually.
  • Bubble wrap electronics in the box. If the item you are shipping comes with a screen, you should protect it by wrapping it in bubble wrap and a towel. Put everything in waterproof bags or plastic sheeting to prevent it from getting wet.
  • Use towels or bubble wrap to protect the box's top and bottom edges, then pack everything inside tightly to prevent it from shifting around during shipping.
  • Use high-quality tape to secure your electronics shipping box. Shake it well to check that nothing in there is moving, ensuring proper electronics’ packaging.

Label All the Items

If you have been researching "how to pack electronics for moving," keep reading.

The best way to keep your electronics organized is to separate the cords and accessories, label them, and keep them all in the same place. Users and retailers appreciate it if each component is clearly labeled and bundled with the others. This can be particularly helpful in computer freight shipping.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Pick up small colored stickers, a few large ones, and some fine-tipped pens.
  • Color-code each end of the cables that connect to your devices before you remove them from their sockets.
  • On each device, place a color-coordinated sticker next to the cable socket.
  • After placing several cables in each bag, you should fasten the wires to one of the items they are supposed to go with.

Research the Insurance for Your Electronics

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For your protection, always purchase insurance for the electronic items you are shipping. Do proper research and ensure that the insurance policy you purchase covers the electronic items you're planning to ship.

This step is significant if you are planning on how to ship a computer. Your electronic item might not be covered in insurance even if you pay the additional fee to have it insured if the provider does not offer its coverage.

The following is a list of some of the things that insurance companies for shipping typically will not cover:

  • Televisions.
  • LCD monitors or screens.
  • Mobile telephones and Laptop computers (including iPads, tablets, etc.) with no Signature Confirmation.


The most crucial part of shipping is packing. So if you want to avoid a significant financial loss later, you must give it you're all. Plan ahead of time, carefully package your belongings, and insure them against damage or loss in transit. Once you've finished that, you can sit back and let the shipping company take care of the rest.

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