Tilling Machine Shipping Company: All You Need to Know

Tilling Machine Shipping Company: All You Need to Know

Getting a soil tilling machine from place to place can be tricky. Any heavy machinery shipping requires the best possible carriers and shipping technology, as well as a level of expertise and experience that only a select amount of freight companies have.

When it comes to tiller machines and other heavy farm equipment, the situation is no different. Any miscalculation or improper loading can lead to injury and/or accidents on the road. In order to find out how to properly have your tilling machine shipped, read on below to find out how our equipment and expertise are perfectly suited for safely hauling industrial tillers or transporting farm equipment anywhere you need it to go.

Common Types and Brands of Tilling Equipment that We Transport

At Cowtown Express, we have been transporting farm equipment including a variety of tiller machines for years. See the list below for some of the farm equipment brands and industrial tillers we’ve hauled:

  • Alloway
  • Amazon
  • Hiniker
  • Case IH
  • John Deere
  • Kongskilde
  • Lemken
  • Orthman

If your brand of heavy farm equipment is not listed above, contact us, and there’s an excellent chance we’ll still be able to help you.

Choosing the Carrier for the Tilling Machine Hauling

tilling machine

There are many factors that go into tilling machine hauling, and choosing the right carrier is essential to safely and effectively transport your heavy farm equipment. Let’s take a look at what you need to be looking for and what the process is when it comes to freight-hauling trucks.

First, before the process of choosing a carrier and transporting your tiller machines can begin, the carrier needs to know the following information:

  • The type, model, and quantity of the machinery you need to be transported.
  • The dimensions of each machine you want to transport.
  • The origin of the transportation and the destination.
  • Preferable times, dates, and timelines.

Once the hauler gets this essential information, the farm equipment haulers can choose the right carrier amongst the various following options:

  • Rigid Flatbed Truck or Trailer: As you may know, a flatbed is simply a trailer with no roof or sides. This is a great option for heavy farm equipment that won’t fit inside a closed trailer, this is an excellent option. While it’s very easy to load equipment on these types of trailers, it makes the equipment very susceptible to weather conditions. If you have weather-sensitive equipment, this is not recommended.
  • Articulated Flatbed Truck or Trailer: The same principles above apply to this option, but flatbeds come in an articulated version for longer trailers and better maneuverability when transporting.
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailer: These can also be called RGN trailers, and they work well for taller heavy loads. The removable gooseneck detaches and allows for easy loading without the need for a ramp.
  • Double Drop Trailer: These trailers are good for heavy farm equipment that you can drive onto the trailer, such as agricultural, combines, and cranes.
  • Lowboy Trailer: These trailers have deck heights that drop twice - before the wheels and also after the gooseneck. This makes the deck very close to the ground and ideal for very tall farm equipment.

Other carrier options may also include:


If you need the most experienced and skilled company to haul your tilling machines, give us a call at Cowtown Express. Our expertise in transporting farm equipment will ensure you get your heavy farm equipment exactly where it needs to go. To get a tilling machine shipping quote, contact us today!

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